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See Research Exemption Request Guidelines to determine whether you need to complete the exempt form or the expedited/full review research form. Below you’ll find the types of issues to address in either form to do interview research.

Clarify your interview design. Interviews are normally: Structured, Semi-structured, or Non-structured.

  • Include a copy of the interview script with your Exempt, Expedited, or Full Review application. If the interview is semi- or non-structured, please provide a copy of the discussion guidelines or interview topics to be covered.
Does your informed consent form for the interview correspond to the requirements stated on the IRB web page?
  • Please review the IRB web site for a helpful informed consent template and materials. Consent forms written in “plain English” are most helpful.
Will subjects’ responses be video taped or audio taped?
  • If yes, giving them the opportunity to review the tape if they so desire after the interview is a good safety procedure to insure their voluntary consent for the tape’s usage. Also, giving them the opportunity to withdraw the use of their taped interview from the research if they so choose is another good safeguard.
  • Transcribing the interview and then erasing the tape are two common safeguards in interview research. Coding potential subject identifiers in the transcription or other data collection is important. If you are holding onto the tapes for a time period beyond transcription, state the safety procedures in place (stored in a locked cabinet, etc.) that will be used until tape erasure.