Aeronautics Major

Aeronautics (B.S.)

The School of Aeronautics offers a B.S.: Aeronautics program with a cognate in either Professional Pilot or Professional UAS Operator.

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Professional Pilot (B.S)

The Professional Pilot cognate is designed to train students to become professional aviators in the fields of Missionary Aviation, Military Aviation and Commercial/Corporate Aviation. Students enrolled in this program will earn their Private Pilot certificate, Instrument rating, and Commercial Pilot certificate. In addition to earning flight certificates, the B.S. in Aeronautics: Professional Pilot degree offers students the opportunity to choose courses specific to their area of interest. Examples include Advanced Jet Training, Confined Area Operations, Jungle Camp, and Advanced Aircraft Flight Operations.

View the Degree Completion Plan for more information: Aeronautics: Professional Pilot B.S.

Professional Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator (B.S.)

The Professional Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator cognate is designed to give students the opportunity to pursue the UAS career they desire. Industry opportunities include flying Small UAS to film movies, inspect bridges and power lines, and conduct agricultural research, or flying medium and large UAS for the Department of Defense and other government agencies in the U.S. and overseas. The program begins by building a foundation of core aeronautical skills and knowledge while earning a Private Pilot certificate and an Instrument rating. Students will build a foundation in small UAS and may have the opportunity to work up to full pilot certification on the medium size Aerosonde UAS (US Citizens only). This exciting opportunity to fly and become fully certified on the Aerosonde is possible through a partnership with a UAS industry leader. 

View the Degree Completion Plan for more information: Aeronautics: Professional Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator B.S.