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Guidelines for GSA Scholarship

  1. Total hours per week – 20 hours
  2. Supervision by SOR faculty member.
    Each GA will work under the direction and supervision of the professor to whom the GA is assigned, and also under the Coordinator of SOR graduate assistance programs. 
  3. Assigning of GA’s
    GA’s will be assigned to faculty members based on factors such as: size of class, teaching methods, teaching styles, availability of GA’s, and faculty requests. 
  4. Attend all classes to which the GA is assigned (undergraduate)
    In order to better assist the students within the large classes, the GA will be required to attend all undergraduate classes to which they are assigned. 
  5. Regular office hours – combined 15 / week from GA’s
    The number of office hours held by each GA will depend on the number of GA within each class. (Example: if there are 3 GA for a particular class, each GA will be required to maintain 5 office hours a week, totaling 15 office hours per week for the class.) These hours should be varied throughout the day and the week. 
  6. Lead weekly discussion groups – 2-3 / week
    Each GA will lead weekly discussion groups of 20-25 undergraduate students. These discussion groups will be mandatory or optional, depending on the particular professor. As the needs and demand for discussion groups are assessed, the frequency and number of groups may vary. 
  7. Weekly GA meeting – With coordinator
    All GA’s within the MA in Religious Studies program will be required to attend a bi-weekly meeting with the supervisor of the GA’s. This will serve as a means to gather information from the various GA’s, provide training of the GA’s, offer assistance, and provide communication of relevant materials. 
  8. Assist in grading of course material (as appropriate)
    Each professor will determine the amount of grading assistance necessary for his or her particular course. GA will be responsible for making student’s grades available through Blackboard, and for the posting of final grades in accordance with regulations specified by Liberty University. 
  9. GA will maintain a 3.0 GPA in graduate studies.
  10. Be available for tutoring and answering student’s questions within large classes
    The GA should be accessible before and after lectures to help answer questions concerning course material. In addition, the GA will assist in tutoring at risk students when necessary. 
  11. Assisting in preparation of lectures
    Each professor will determine the amount of research the GA will need to conduct. The GA should be available to assist in research materials for class lectures, and also discussion groups and topics. 
  12. Keeping class records – excuses, class schedule, etc.
    In addition to keeping student’s grades, the GA will be responsible for maintaining student absences and class dynamics that may come up throughout the semester. The GA should handle all class logistics throughout the semester. This includes classroom setup when appropriate. 
  13. Available to lecture (as appropriate)
    Each professor will determine the appropriateness of the GA presenting lectures within the large classes.