The Center4ME Multicultural Resource Room (MRR) houses a variety of materials, ranging from books and scholarly journals, to magazines, videotapes and DVDs. The room includes a viewing/listening area with TV, DVD player, VHS, & Tape Cassette/CD player. Materials are available for viewing by our students, faculty, and staff at no charge. Visit the Center4ME Multicultural Resource Room at the Montview Student Union, Center4ME 2590.

Here is the listing of our current resources available in the MRR:



  • 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say
    Dr. Maura Cullen
  • A Cultural History of Spanish America: From Conquest to Independence
    Mariano Picon-Salas
  • A Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals
    William A. Kaplin & Barbara A. Lee
  • A Six Week Challenge to Change The World
    Kim P. Davis
  • Achieving and Sustaining Institutional Excellence
    Betsy O. Barefoot

  • African American Men in College
    Michael J. Cuyjet

  • Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood
    Jay MacLeod

  • Alien Encounters: Popular Culture in Asian America
    Mimi Thai Nguyen & Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu

  • American Indian Contributions to the World
    Emory D. Keoke & Kay M. Porterfield

  • American Ways: An Introduction to American Culture
    Maryanne K. Datesman, JoAnn Crandall & Edwar N. Kearny

  • Americanos: Latino Life in the United States
    Edward James Olmos, Lea Ybarra, and Manuel Monterrey

  • Are Community Colleges Underprepared for Underprepared Students?
    Pam Schuetz & Jim Barr

  • Assessing Student Learning & Development: A Handbook for Practitioners
    Marilee J. Bresciani

  • Assessment Reconsidered: Institutional Effectiveness for Student Success
    Richard P. Keeling

  • Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority
    John McWorter

  • Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs
    Marilyn J. Amey & Lori M. Reesor

  • Between Earth and Sky: Legends of Native American Sacred Places
    Joseph Bruchac & Thomas Locker

  • Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian
    John Piper

  • Caucasia
    Danzy Senna

  • Civil War Battlefields and Landmarks: A Photographic Tour
    Carol M. Highsmith and Ted Landphair

  • Color-Blind: Seeing Beyond Race in a Race-Obsessed World
    Ellis Cose

  • Comprehensive Multicultural Education: Theory & Practice
    ChristineI. Bennett

  • Counseling and Therapy Skills
    David G. Martin

  • Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice
    Derald Wing Sue and David Sue

  • Critical Issues for Student Affairs
    Arthur Sandeen & Margaret J. Barr

  • Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services
    Jerry V. Diller

  • Cultural Studies
    Fred Inglis

  • Do Something
    Miles McPherson

  • Dollars for Dreams: Student Affairs Staff as Fundraisers
    Sophie W. Penny & Barbara B. Rose

  • East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture
    Shilpa Dave, LeiLani Nishime & Tasha G. Oren

  • F1RST Things First
    Keith Parks

  • Faculty of Color: Teaching in Predominantly White Colleges and Universities
    Christine A. Stanley

  • From a Bullet Came Rebirth
    John Scott

  • Great Leaders Grow
    Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

  • Diversity & Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching in College
    Margery B. Ginsberg

  • Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy who Discovered He was Black
    Gregory Howard Williams

  • Looking for Asian America: An Ethnocentric Tour
    Wing Young Huie

  • Making a Difference: Profiles of Successful Student Affairs Leaders
    Arthur Sandeen

  • Making the Irish American: History and Heritage if the Irish in the United States
    J. J. Lee & Marion R. Casey

  • Mexican American Voices: A Documentary Reader
    Steven Mintz

  • Modern American Women: A Documentary History
    Susan Ware

  • Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs
    Raechele L. Pope

  • Multi-Ethnic Resource Team Manual
    Brenda Salter McNeil

  • Native American Book of Hope
    Native American Fellowship

  • On Becoming a Woman Leader: Learning from The Experiences of University Presidents
    Susan R. Madsen

  • One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism
    Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, and Don Batten

  • One Drop: My Father's Hidden Life--A Story of Race and Family Secrets
    Bliss Broyard

  • People and Cultures of Hawai'i
    John F. McDermott & Naleen Naupaka Andrade

  • Retreats That Work
    Merianne Liteman

  • Salsa, Soul, And Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age
    Juana Bordas

  • Scotland
    Nigel Blundell

  • SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch
    Ron Miller

  • Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black And White
    David Braton

  • Shine Boy
    José Galvez

  • Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches
    Shaun R. Harper & Stephen John Quaye

  • Students Helping Students: A Guide for Peer Educators on College Campuses
    Steven C. Ender & Fred B. Newton

  • Students Helping Students: Trainers Guide
    Steven C. Ender & Fred B. Newton

  • Students On Strike
    John Stokes &Lois Wolfe, Ph.D

  • The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration
    George S. McClellan & Jeremy Stringer

  • The Heart of Racial Justice: How Soul Change Leads to Social Change
    Brenda Salter McNeil & Rick Richardson

  • The Hip Hop Generation: Young Black and the Crisis in African American Culture
    Bakari Kitwana

  • Transforming Culture: A challenge for  Christian Mission
    Sherwood Lingenfelter

  • Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life
    Annette Lareau

  • Unfounded Loyalty
    Wayne Perryman

  • What Was It Like? Teaching History and Culture Through Young Adult Literature
    Linda J. Rice

  • Whiteman's Gospel
    Craig Stephen Smith

  • Winning the Race to Unity
    Dr. Willie Richardson & Gary Chapman

  • Women in Higher Education

  • Work Care: A Resource Guide for the Working Person
    George J.Pfeiffer & Judith A. Webster?


  • African American Lives: Their Past was Lost…Until Now
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., William R. Grant, & Peter W. Kunhardt
  • Biculturalism and Acculturation Among Latinos
    Films Media Group
  • CHINA: A Century of Revolution
    Sue Williams
  • Culture Shock: International Students in the United States
  • Dancing in Moccasins: Keeping Native American Traditions Alive
    Films Media Group
  • Faces of America
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., William R. Grant,  Peter W. Kunhardt & Dyllan McGee
  • From a Different Shore: The Japanese-American Experience
    Films Media Group
  • If These Halls Could Talk
    Lee Mun Wah
  • Let Freedom Ring: Moments from the Civil Rights Movement
    Films Media Group
  • Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America
    Mark Crutcher 
  • May The Road Rise Up to  Meet You
    Films Media Group



  • Counsel: Spiritual Direction, the Spiritual Disciplines and Christian Counseling
    Dr. Tim Clinton
  • Hope Askew: Breakthrough
    Hope Askew

For More Information or resource suggestions contact: Samantha Newton


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