Eagle Battalion Cadre and Staff

Mr. Rickey Alexander

      Senior Military Science Instructor

  • Rickey Alexander serves at Liberty University as a contractor, instructing ROTC cadets. Prior to this, he served as an enlisted soldier and noncommissioned officer for 19 years in the U. S. Army. He has served in a number of Field Artillery related jobs throughout his career.

  • He has served as a Battery Fire Direction NCO, a Battalion Fire Control NCO, an Operations Sergeant, an Operational Test NCOIC, and as a Combined Effects Synchronization Planning NCOIC. Rickey has served in locations throughout the United States, Germany, and the Republic of Korea.

  • He is a graduate of the Primary Leadership Development Course, the Basic and Advanced NCO Courses, the Battle Staff School and a variety of other army schools. He is currently working to complete his B.A. in Education.


Mr. Jordan Scanlan

       Enrollment and Scholarship Officer

  • After serving as the training Officer for both Appalachian State and Liberty University's ROTC's programs for several years, Mr. Scanlan was selected to seek out and select the highest caliber Cadets to add to the great strength of the Liberty and University of Virginia's ROTC Battalion's.

  • Mr. Scanlan is a native of North Carolina, where he spent over six years as a noncommissioned officer in both the Transportation and Civil Affairs Branches before attaining a commission through ROTC in the Military Intelligence Branch. With over 12 years as a member of the US Army Reserves, Mr. Scanlan, has attended numerous Army and Joint training schools in preparation to deploy to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Mr. Scanlan has a great passion for competition and has led two Ranger Challenge Teams to both 1st and 3rd Place Finishes in the Annual 4th Brigade Competition. He has a sincere appreciation for most all outdoor activities and highly values time with his family.


Sergeant First Class David Izatt

     Virginia National Guard Recruiter