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Responsibilities for GSA Scholarship

  1. Participation in all undergraduate classes to which the GA is assigned. 
  2. Working under the direction and supervision of the professor to whom the GA is assigned and the Coordinator of SOR graduate assistance programs. 
  3. Leading small discussion groups throughout the semester with approximately 20 – 25 undergraduate students per discussion group. 
  4. Assisting in the grading of written assignments such as essays, papers, tests, etc. 
  5. Research of current topics within the specific discipline for use in discussion groups and for the use of the professor. 
  6. Monitoring of classrooms. 
  7. Monitoring of tests and quizzes. 
  8. Providing interaction with and availability to students at a more personal level. 
  9. Maintaining regular office hours throughout the week to assist students within the class. 
  10. Offering test review sessions to assist students in studying and reviewing for tests, midterms, finals, etc. 
  11. Assisting in class logistics, including room setup, sound, PowerPoint, overheads, etc. 
  12. When appropriate, teaching for the professor of the class section in which the GA is assisting.