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Theses and Dissertations - Binding and Publishing


Note: The Liberty University Library no longer oversees binding of theses or dissertations. This includes the binding of any other personal materials. We do wish to assist by listing some resources that can provide that service.

Binding Options

  • Online submission of PDF to independent bindery.

    Heckman Bindery's Thesis on Demand is completely online and offers more binding choices than ProQuest/UMI. They will accept your properly formatted PDF for conversion to a print bound format. Upon submission, your thesis or dissertation will be printed (single- or double-sided) on high-quality, acid-free paper and will receive a sturdy buckram hardcover binding. Prices vary for color printing and all prices are subject to change based on Heckman's current information on their website.

    Black and White Pages Only (See their web site for color options)
      1 to 5 copies 6 or more copies
    Up to 150 pages $ 35.00
    + $ 7.50 s/h
    $ 30.00
    + $ 7.50 s/h
    More than 150 pages $ 45.00
    + $ 7.50 s/h
    $ 40.00
    + $ 7.50 s/h

    If you experience any difficulty with submission contact the Thesis on Demand staff at 800.334.3628 x100.

    Houchen Bindery offers a similar online on-demand printing and binding service for $50 (including shipping & handling). Please review current pricing options on their website.

    Additional companies that may meet your bookbinding needs are listed on the website of the Library Binding Institute.
  • Submission of print version to independent bindery.

    If you are considering having your thesis or dissertation printed and then submit to a bindery, your printing costs will be approximately $100 for four copies of a 150 page document using 24 lb. watermarked, cotton bond, non-fading, acid-free paper (Priced at local Staples copy center on 11/30/2006). Binding charges will vary by company but may range from $15 to $25 per copy depending on lettering options and shipping charges.
  • You can request bound copies from ProQuest/UMI during the process of submitting your thesis/dissertation for deposit.

    Be aware, their limited options will likely not meet departmental needs but may meet your personal needs. This service produces 1) a document printed from a microfice and not a digital original, 2) it will be printed on both sides of the page, and 3) the only color options for the binding are a medium-blue cover with white lettering. 

    ProQuest/UMI charges (subject to change by ProQuest/UMI) are:

    Format  Price
    Softcover (6” x 9”) $ 29.00
    Softcover (8.5” x 11”) $ 34.00
    Cloth Hardcover (6” x 9”) $ 40.00
    Cloth Hardcover (8.5” x 11”) $ 45.00
    Microfiche copy (105mm) 98 page format $ 16.00
    4 Cloth Hardcover (8.5” x 11”) $ 155.00
    4 Cloth Hardcover (6” x 9”) $ 135.00
    3 Cloth Hardcover (8.5” x 11”) $ 119.00
    3 Cloth Hardcover (6” x 9”) $ 105.00



UMI Publishing Services fee

  • Thesis - $45.00
  • Dissertation - $55.00
  • Copyright (Optional) - $65.00