About Us

Established in the fall of 2004, the Helms School of Government seeks to develop leaders who are guided by duty, honor, morality, and civic virtue. With these qualities in mind, Liberty University Founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., could think of no person more worthy to be our namesake than former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms.

Our Academic Program

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skill in Politics and Policy, Western Legal Traditions (Pre-Law Studies), Strategic Intelligence Studies, Criminal Justice, and International Relations. More importantly, the Helms School of Government offers professional preparation with a Christian worldview, producing proactive graduates equipped to be highly qualified leaders in their chosen career fields.  

We offer an Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree in Government, an Associates and Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Bachelors Degree in International Relations.

We offer minors in Criminal Justice, Government, International Relations, Politics and Policy, Western Legal Traditions (Pre-Law), and Strategic and Intelligence Studies

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