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2013-2014 Virginia Community College System

Find courses offered at a VCCS School that are already approved as transferable with Liberty University courses.  If you would like to request pre-approval for a course which is not present in one of our transfer guides, please submit a transient request.

Course Equivalencies

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VCCS/Liberty University Guaranteed Admissions Agreement

       In an effort to ease the transfer process, VCCS and Liberty provide the following
       guaranteed admission agreement.

How Course are Listed
  1. Direct Equivalent – the listed Virginia Community College System course has a corresponding course at Liberty University and satisfies that specific course requirement.

  2. Elective - Virginia Community College System course does not have a corresponding course at Liberty University. You should check with your department to verify if elective credits can be used in your major. Do NOT assume that “elective” credits can count toward the “electives” required in your major.


Transfer Policy

Consult our Transfer Policy to learn how transferable courses are evaluated against our Liberty University courses.

If direct transfer credit has been previously awarded, Liberty University is not able to award duplicate direct transfer credit. Any duplicate direct transfer credit will instead be awarded elective credit.


Contact for Additional Information

Please call (434) 592-5100 if you need additional information.