Graduate Student Assistant


The Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA) is a form of student employment that includes both a monetary stipend and tuition waiver. As a GSA, the student will receive the opportunity to work closely with a professor in various academic contexts, gaining a variety of experiences and professional development. The majority of GSAs are given assignments working with the COMS 101 basic communication course where they are given limited teaching responsibilities under the supervision of the program director. Other GSAs are assigned to non-teaching positions, working with individual professors in the areas of Broadcasting, Ad/PR and Journalism.



The GSA positions are highly competitive and limited, therefore, application must be submitted for a position. Applicants must be accepted into and enrolled full time (nine semester hours) in the M.A. in Communication Studies program. The positions require 20-25 hours per week, with no outside employment. There are no benefits outside of the stipend and tuition waiver. The GSA is evaluated on a semester basis in order to determine continuation in the position. The maximum length of a GSA position is four semesters.