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Championing research and scholarship for Liberty University faculty and students

The Center for Research & Scholarship (CRS) coordinates and supports new and ongoing research initiatives for both faculty and students at Liberty University. CRS oversees the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), entitled "Illuminate: Cultivating a Community of Research and Scholarship," which focuses on improving research and scholarship among undergraduate residential students.

Showcase of Research & Scholarship

We are pleased to showcase innovative and exciting faculty and student research and scholarship projects that are preparing students for future academic and marketplace success.

Faculty Showcase

Faculty Showcase

Dr. David Snead

School: Arts & Sciences
Field: History

Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Blake Davis

School: Arts & Sciences
Field: History

Curricular Actions

Students in the undergraduate residential academic experience will build knowledge, values, and skills in research and scholarship through a scaffolding curriculum, which includes the following courses:

  • Through the Inquiry 101 course, freshmen and transfer students will gain an understanding of the value of research and the role of research and scholarship in the life of a university student.
  • Through the Research 201 course, sophomores and transfer students will develop the knowledge and skills required to engage in research and scholarship across the humanities, sciences, and creative arts.
  • Finally, this research training experience will culminate in opportunities to take program specific, Research-Intensive courses, in which upper-level classmen will design a research proposal or project that is discipline-specific.

Co-Curricular Actions

Undergraduate residential students have opportunities to develop as professionals who are ready to meet the challenges of the Twenty-First Century. All students will have the opportunity to disseminate their work at Liberty University’s annual Research Week.  Students also have the opportunity to apply for travel awards to fund dissemination of their research at external conferences or meetings.