Bachelor of Arts in Government - Politics and Policy

BA in Government - Politics and Policy

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Residential Program

Gain a diverse introduction to political and economic ideas, government institutions, free market processes, and more through our Bachelor of Arts in Government - Politics and Policy degree. 

Learn more about the close relationship between a system of limited constitutional government and the free enterprise economy. And get an overview of the Christian worldview with regard to government and economics.

Prepare for your career with this degree as you compare the scope, methodologies, and major schools of political science, including its links with history, economics, and other cognate fields.

Incorporate more math, science, and technology into your degree:

Learn How To:

  • Evaluate comparative political and economic theories as they relate to the field of government
  • Demonstrate the ways in which domestic and international political and policymaking processes interact
  • Understand the issues, interest, and institutions of American state and local government in the framework of federalism
  • Speak a foreign language

Prepare for a Career Like This:

  • Chamber of Commerce Manager
  • Political Scientist
  • City Manager
  • Politician
  • Public Administrator
  • Legislative Analyst 
  • Community Organizer 
  • Political Consultant

Academic Information

Credit Hours

  • 120 total hours 

Courses You'll Take

  • Constitutional Govt. & Free Enterprise: GOVT 200
  • Introduction to Political Science: GOVT 210
  • American Executive Processes/Institutions: GOVT 320
  • American Legislative System: GOVT 322

Program of Study

Degree Completion Plan: BA in Government - Politics and Policy