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Free Kicks with Maria Owen

September 15, 2008  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Liberty's Maria Owen

Liberty's Maria Owen

Today, continues its women's soccer feature, "Free Kicks with …" Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the season, "Free Kicks with …" hopes to help you get to know the Lady Flames a bit better. Today, we meet Maria Owen.

After missing the first game of the season due to injury, Maria Owen has played in the last three Lady Flame soccer matches, starting against Navy and Old Dominion.

The sophomore forward played in 12 contests, with four starts, during her maiden season at Liberty in 2007. She scored four goals during the season and was selected to the Big South All-Freshman team. At the end of the academic year, Owen earned Big South Presidential Honor Roll mention.

Homeschooled, Owen was the leading scorer for the U-19 Charlotte Albermarle Storm for the 2006-07 season. The team was ranked as high as No. 6 in the Virginia club rankings in July of 2007.

For a more personal introduction to Maria Owen, read on …

1. The best part about being a Liberty student-athlete is …
The unique ministry opportunity we have to share the gospel with the teams we play, and of course the road trips.

2. If you could compete against any athlete in any sport, who would it be and why?
Zinedine Zidane - Most Americans just remember him for his infamous head butt in the 2006 World Cup, but I can't remember ever watching a player who played soccer more beautifully than Zidane.

3. Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
I like Mary Magdalene a lot. I am sort of named after her, so I guess it makes sense. Her devotion and the way she discovered and cultivated humility are worth imitating for sure.

4. If you could eat dinner with three other people (living or alive), who would they be and why?
Oh I don't know, probably just my family, but that's a lot more than three people!

5. When I have an hour of free time, I like to …
mainly, just read. Right now, I'm into American short story authors, like Flannery O'Connor, and William Faulkner. I also have been known to read C.S. Lewis books through more than once. Otherwise, I just like to hang out with my friends and teammates or run the trails on Candler's Mountain.

6. If someone would look at the songs on my iPod, I would be embarrassed for them to see I have this song or artist …
Well, I don't have an Ipod, and I guess, I don't really listen to anything too embarrassing, just maybe some weird stuff.

7. What TV station do you watch most often?
Fox Soccer Channel or ESPN and on occasion, The Office.

8. It is not good for you, but I still eat …
ice cream. A lot of it. With zero discrimination.

9. A place I would like to visit one day is …
I've always wanted to go to Beirut (Lebanon) for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, with all of the upheaval there during the past couple of years, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to go.

10. What are five things you could not live without?
My Bible, a soccer ball, my cleats, my bike and any good book.

11. What is something about you that other people don't know?
Pretty much everyone knows this already, but I'm the sixth of nine kids, and I have six nieces and nephews.

12. What was the best movie you watched over the summer?
I didn't watch anything this summer that really blew me away, but my favorite all-time movie is Chariots of Fire.

13. Who is the most famous person you have ever met and how did you meet them?
I haven't ever met anyone all that famous that I can think of.

14. Who is your favorite Liberty athlete to watch compete?
Probably, Chelaine McCarty. She's one sick volleyball player, and I also love watching the Frazee triplets.

15. My dream job would be …
working as a lawyer to protect human life and basic individual rights.

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