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Liberty Hosts Annual Academic Awards Banquet

April 8, 2008  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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The women's basketball team was one of three at Liberty to win the APR award on Monday.

The women's basketball team was one of three at Liberty to win the APR award on Monday.

On Monday evening at the Academy of Fine Arts in downtown Lynchburg, over 300 Liberty student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff attended Liberty's fifth annual Athletics Academic Awards Banquet.

A total of 185 student-athletes were honored for sustaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Nine student-athletes were honored for maintaining a 4.0 cumulative GPA.

The keynote speaker was Lynchburg resident Kevin Shroyer, who has been featured on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel". The HBO segment highlighted the developing friendship between Shroyer and Len Geiger, a man who underwent a lung transplant with the lungs of Shroyer's deceased 16-year old daughter Korinne in 2002.

The volleyball, women's basketball and women's soccer teams won awards for Team APR and the baseball team won the Student Flames Club award.

The following is a list of individual awards and all the student-athletes honored:

Award Winners
Student Athlete Of the Month Winners - Piper Newby (Cross Country), Josh McDougal (Cross Country), Ryan Greiser (Football), Nicki Scripko (Volleyball), Rachel Hammond (Women's Basketball), Jeremy Anderson (Men's Basketball), Rachel McLeod (Women's Basketball), Clarence Nicely (Baseball), Patrick Walker (Wrestling), Rebekah Ricksecker (Women's Track)
Scholastic Achievement Award - Lara Bartolomeo (Volleyball)
Perseverance of Job - Egle Smigelskaite (Women's Basketball)
Rookie of the Year - Jennifer Healey (Women's Track), Jenna Eatmon (Softball), Panashe Nhekairo (Men's Soccer), Preston Dembowiak (Men's Golf), Jeremy Anderson (Men's Basketball), Rachel McLeod (Women's Basketball)
MVP - Chris Rocco (Football), Rachel Hammond (Women's Basketball)
AD's Commitment to Excellence - Clarence Nicely (Baseball)
Dr. Jerry Falwell Leadership Award - Allyson Fasnacht (Women's Basketball), Clendon Henderson (Men's Track).

Cumulative 4.0 Grade Point Averages
Jeremy Anderson, Men's Basketball
Preston Dembowiak, Golf
Jenna Eatmon, Softball
Rachel Hammond, Women's Basketball
Jennifer Healey, Track
Rachel McLeod, Women's Basketball
Clarence Nicely, Baseball
Panashe Nhekairo, Men's Soccer
Chris Rocco, Football

3.75 GPA and Above
Christopher Watters, Golf
Heather Smith, Basketball
Hanna Edwards, Soccer
Molly Frazee, Basketball
Michael Gelatt, Soccer
Louis Steyn, Tennis
Collin Lewis, Wrestling
Amy Oberlin, Soccer
Emily House, Soccer
Chelaine McCarty, Volleyball
Allyson Erving, Soccer
Matt Savini, Track
Rebekah Ricksecker, Track
Molly Morgan, Track
Allyson Fasnacht, Basketball
Rachel Wisehart, Soccer
Dana Wheeler, Softball
Megan Frazee, Basketball
Philip Leineweber, Track
Andrew Bartels, Track
Ashley Osborne, Track
Christopher Phillips, Soccer
Corey Vasbinder, Wrestling
Patrick Walker, Wrestling

3.5 GPA and Above
Aaron Phillips, Baseball
Ryan Page, Baseball
Heather Bowling, Soccer
Daniel Newell, Track
Shawn Teufel, Baseball
Clarence Murray, Track
Michael Ward, Soccer
Clinton Jackson, Track
Juan Reyes, Tennis
Tim Rotola, Baseball
Hannah Fick, Tennis
Kevin Correa, Track
Andrea Beckles, Track
Laura Nyholt, Soccer
Joe Feeley, Baseball
Nicholas Galeone, Track
Kendall Bartholomew, Soccer
Jacob Singleton, Golf
Alex Bream, Basketball
Dan Pope, Football
Josh Edmonds, Track
Paul Gilbert, Soccer
Brian Edman, Soccer
Justin Savini, Track
Tristyn Olson, Track
Kirstyn Sanders, Volleyball
Chenoa Freeman, Track
Soeren Wendland, Football
Jonathan Brummel, Football
Caitlyn Riley, Soccer
Mark Hopely, Track
Leandro Schujmann, Tennis
Moriah Frazee, Basketball
Juan Guzman, Soccer
Clendon Henderson, Track
Sebastian Pena, Tennis
Jaroslav Trojan, Tennis
Tommy Bussey, Baseball
Andrew Scheck, Soccer
Errol Hollinger, Baseball
Joshua Duren, Wrestling
Thad Taylor, Soccer

3.0 GPA and Above
Jacey Bailey, Track
Blakely Harris, Track
Tayna Payne, Soccer
Gerald Duffey, Football
Miranda Fielder, Softball
Brandon Hoskins, Track
James Davidson, Track
Chris Robbins, Wrestling
Jessica Leary, Softball
Kallie Corbin, Volleyball
Richard Thom, Football
Tyler Baker, Basketball
Raul Calvo, Golf
Steven Ackley, Football
Nathaniel Thompson, Baseball
Julian Colon, Wrestling
Brandon Patterson, Soccer
Jordan Whitlock, Track
Nicole Miglis, Track
Aaron Parnell, Baseball
Alysson Sanders, Volleyball
Sarah Roberts, Track
Martyna Hanusz, Tennis
Ryan Greiser, Football
Mallory Neff, Soccer
Steven Barrett, Track
Thomas Mitchell, Wrestling
James Doak, Track
Ashley Braam, Soccer
Matt Tarr, Track
Matt Parker, Track
Elizabeth Bennett, Softball
Matt Lambros, Football
Courtney Johnson, Softball
David Cassidy, Soccer
Tyler Light, Baseball
Russell Monroe, Basketball
Chad Alford, Soccer
Chad Simpson, Tennis
Daniel Hibbs, Track
Jeff Jefferson, Baseball
Kolby Shepherd, Track
Sean Katz, Wrestling
Stephen Dooley, Golf
Alyssa Andersen, Soccer
Rachel Houseknecht, Track
Leslie Jefferson, Softball
Chris Mandell, Soccer
Nathan Revell, Football
Darren Amoo, Soccer
Charles Medlin, Track
Manuel Moreno, Golf
Karyl Bacon, Volleyball
Andrew Kappler, Soccer
Tim Harner, Wrestling
John Letsen, Soccer
John Godsil, Football
Kyle O'Donnell, Football
Chad Porter, Wrestling
Kevin Richard, Football
Colin Dugan, Football
Erin West, Soccer
Kyle Ohman, Basketball
Dacia Bushman, Track
Jaime Watson, Track
David Stokes, Baseball
Stephen Hawk, Golf
William Pinette, Soccer
Jessica Nelson, Volleyball
Maria Owen, Soccer
Piper Newby, Track
Lauren Kamphuis, Soccer
Doug Bream, Baseball
Joe Steinwedell, Baseball
Michael Hale, Track
Jarvis Jelen, Track
Geren Woodbridge, Track
Frankie Gayeski, Wrestling
Patrick Hogan, Wrestling
Stephanie Brown, Tennis
Danielle Fortune, Track
Krystle Matthews, Track
Lara Bartolomeo, Volleyball
Michael Turner, Golf
Doug Wallace, Baseball
Leah Ramey, Track
Egle Smigelskaite, Basketball
Douglas Nyame, Soccer
Amiee Wood, Tennis
Jeremiah Kappler, Soccer
Aaron Kelley, Wrestling
Kittery Maine, Basketball
Mary Pike, Volleyball
Ekaterina Kuznesova, Tennis
Jordan Jenkins, Tennis
Cameron Chastain, Soccer