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Field Hockey Focus with Merich Frizzell

November 2, 2016  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Field Hockey Focus with Merich Frizzell

With the Liberty field hockey team preparing for its Friday semifinal match against Providence at the 2016 BIG EAST Championship, spotlights Merich Frizzell in its field hockey focus series.

Frizzell is a freshman midfielder from Tulsa, Okla., and is majoring in political science.

Tell us your recruiting story and how you came to Liberty.
Frizzell: Growing up in Oklahoma, there wasn't much field hockey, so my high school coach got me put on a club team from Massachusetts called WCUFHA. I met them at festival and Disney tournaments each year. My club coach Lauren knew Coach Tilly [Brampton], and she asked the Liberty coaches to come watch me play. After that, I communicated with the Liberty coaches through email and phone calls. Then, everything just fell into place, I committed and now I am here!

What has been your favorite class so far, and why?
Frizzell: My favorite class so far has probably been Evangelism with Dr. Wheeler. I just love how passionate he is about his teaching and how cool it is to be able to learn about sharing Jesus with other people!

What has been the biggest difference between college field hockey and high school field hockey?
Frizzell: The biggest difference between college and high school field hockey has been just the intensity and level of the game. In high school, you just kind of went out and played. In college, there is so much preparation and strategy that go into the games. 

What do your parents do for work? Do you have siblings? If so, how old are they and where are they in school?
Frizzell: My mom is just mom, and she does the best job at being the best mom ever! My dad is a lawyer. I have two brothers. Luke is 24, and he graduated from VMI. Caleb is 23, and he graduated from Pepperdine. I have the best family in the world!

What has been your impression of competing in the BIG EAST Conference in your first year, as well as against several of the top schools in the nation?
Frizzell: It's been such a good experience getting the opportunity to compete in the BIG EAST Conference and truly a dream come true to be a part of this program and to play the top teams, all while seeking to glorify the Lord! 

Is your hometown known for anything in particular?                      
Frizzell: Tulsa, Oklahoma used to be the oil capital of the world!

What is your favorite place on Liberty's campus or surrounding area and why?
Frizzell: My favorite place on Liberty's campus is the Rot because it is a good place for having a good time, eating and seeing lots of friends! Millie's Living Cafe is another favorite. It has really good acai bowls and food.