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Lady Flames' Israel Journey: Day 6

June 11, 2014  Eilat, Israel  RSS
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The Lady Flames took part in an all-star game and a 3-on-3 tournament on Wednesday at the Friendship Games in Eilat.

The Lady Flames took part in an all-star game and a 3-on-3 tournament on Wednesday at the Friendship Games in Eilat.

Today's blog includes Jaymee Fisher-Davis' look back at the Lady Flames' busy Tuesday, as well as Katelyn Adams' recap of the team's Wednesday at the Friendship Games in Eilat.

Friendship Games tournament play officially tips off on Thursday, and today's post summarizes the Lady Flames' upcoming schedule in Eilat.

Jaymee Fisher-Davis' Tuesday Recap
Soooo I know what you guys are probably thinking … "Where's the blog from yesterday?!" Well, it just so happens that we had one of the craziest days yesterday and I just forgot to write about it! Haha. But I'm going to fill you in on everything that happened.

Yesterday morning was a very special one. We received a treat. Instead of getting a wakeup call at 6:30 a.m., it came at 7:30 a.m.! We had a whole extra hour to sleep! WooHoo! We started our day with packing up our bags and eating a splendid breakfast at the hotel. This was our last day in Jerusalem, so it was time to say goodbye to our tour guide, J.R., and our very skilled bus driver, Reuben. We left the hotel at 10 a.m., and just before heading to the airport, we made one last touring stop at the house of Caiaphas, where Jesus spent his last night before his crucifixion.

Seeing the house of Caiaphas was literally breathtaking. Throughout the whole touring trip I was able to see the Bible come to life, but this particular site tied everything together for me. We went to the dungeon where Jesus was beaten, and where He prayed to God throughout the night in anticipation of what was to come. Jesus knew the road He was about to endure, and being able to stand in the same place where He was before He went down that road was an unbelievable experience. After touring the house of Caiaphas, it was time to hop back on the bus and head to the airport.

We arrived at the airport around 12:30 and waited for our flight to take off around 2:15 to head toward Eilat. While we waited, we played card games and chatted. Antwaun and Sadalia even taught Mickayla and me how to play Pitty Pat (a card game)! And of course we were all eager to charge our phones (especially me, as I love my phone)!!!

As soon as we landed (the landing was a tad bumpy, I might add), you could already feel the scorching heat of the Eilat desert. After getting our luggage, we headed outside to wait for the van to take us to our hotel. As I looked around, everyone was dripping in sweat, and trying to take off as many layers of clothes as possible! The van finally arrived and took us to the hotel.

Now here's the best part. Because we got to the hotel later in the afternoon, the lunch buffet was closed and we were all SUPER hungry due to the amount of traveling. Sooooo ... THE COACHES ORDERED US PIZZA FROM PIZZA HUT!!!!!! We were all so hype! All of the pizza was literally devoured in about seven minutes tops!

After the dinner, we got to chill for a little bit before we headed to "Party in the Desert," which was basically like the opening ceremony for the tournament here in Eilat, the Friendship Games. We all got on buses and drove to a random spot in the desert. Actually, I think it was beside a camel farm (fun fact).

When we got off the bus, we walked in a huge crowd of people (all of the other people playing in the Friendship Games), which included boys and girls teams from various countries. There were fire torches and everything! When we reached our destination, we heard music playing. There was a DJ, and a place to get snacks and drinks. Everyone was dancing, mingling and having a great time! The coolest part about the whole thing was that there were headphones for everybody, and at a certain point of the party all of the music was only played in the headphones! So if you didn't have a pair on, you couldn't hear the music. I think that was my favorite part of the whole night.

So, as you can see, we had a pretty eventful day. This was why I had no time to write my blog. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Katelyn Adams' Wednesday Recap
Hey Everyone,

Today was our first full day in Eilat, the HOT yet beautiful, sea-front city in the desert, if that makes sense! One man in the airport told us that Eilat is Israel's version of Miami, tacky but really fun! So far, I would have to agree with him. From a dance party in the desert to a pool party with a DJ (and a little basketball mixed in of course) it has been a blast!

Wake up call was around 8 a.m. this morning. After a hearty breakfast in the hotel with the team and all of the other teams, we headed to the gym to watch the All-Star Game which our very own Ellee Rollins was participating in. For this game, one player was chosen from each of the teams to play against the famous Maccabi All-Stars. We had no idea what to expect, but the ‘veteran team' turned out to be a group of older guys and three girls who were the European champions in their age group. They are considered legends in this part of the world. But let me tell you, these guys had nothing on our Lady Flame. Ellee was rebounding, tying up balls and scoring with ease. She, along with the other "amateur" players, beat the Maccabi by at least 12 points.

After the game wrapped up, it was announced that the next event would be a 3-on-3 tournament! All of the players were split into teams of five (three guys and two girls). Two guys and one girl were supposed to always be in the game, with the other two players rotating in occasionally. The games lasted 15 minutes and we were set up into four different pools that led into a championship bracket. On my team, I had guys from Lithuania, Jordan and Israel. My fellow girl teammate was from Nazareth.  It was so cool to just jump into a game with teammates from all over the world!! The most exciting part was that my team actually won the whole 3-on-3 tournament! All of the other teams lifted us onto their shoulders and threw flowers! Just kidding, but it was still fun! After the dunk contest, which was dominated by the Lithuanian players, we headed back to the hotel.

The pool party, which I mentioned earlier, was more fun than we all expected! There were organized games, prizes and a lot of free popsicles. It was about 100 degrees out in the shade, so the pool was full.

Not wanting to get too drained by the sun, we headed inside by 6 p.m. and started getting ready for practice. Practice consisted of running through plays, shooting and getting back into the groove of playing together. We finished the night off with a nutritious dinner and spent the rest of the night relaxing, in preparation for our first game tomorrow!

Shalom Everyone!

2014 Friendship Games Breakdown
The 2014 Friendship Games will feature six women's teams, broken up into two groups.

Group A: ASA Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Germany
Group B: Liberty, Palestine, Jordan

Liberty will play round-robin games against the other two teams in Group B on Thursday and Friday. The top two teams from each group will advance to semifinal contests on Saturday. After an off day Sunday, the Friendship Games title game will be contested on Monday.

Here is a summary of the Lady Flames' Friendship Games schedule.
Thursday, June 12 at 11:15 a.m. Israel (4:15 a.m. Eastern) – Liberty vs. Palestine
Friday, June 13 at 12:30 p.m. Israel (5:30 a.m. Eastern) – Liberty vs. Jordan
Saturday, June 14 at 11:30 a.m. Israel (4:30 a.m. Eastern) – Semifinals
Monday, June 16 at time TBA – Championship Game