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Meeting the Lacrosse Newcomers - Britton, Brown, Tickle and Wells

February 4, 2014  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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From left to right: Paige Britton, Courtney Brown, Victoria Tickle and Faith Wells

From left to right: Paige Britton, Courtney Brown, Victoria Tickle and Faith Wells

Leading up to the Liberty lacrosse season opener on Friday at Richmond, will provide a look at each of the Lady Flames' newcomers. The final installment features Paige Britton, Courtney Brown, Victoria Tickle and Faith Wells.

Why did you choose Liberty?

Britton: I chose Liberty because of many different things. First of all, I love the school and the overall uplifting environment of a Christian campus that seeks to serve the Lord. I also love the team and the coaches. What made Liberty different from other schools was how the girls on the team not only wanted to win games, but wanted to glorify God in the process and that's something that I wanted to join.
Brown: I chose Liberty so that I could play lacrosse while going to a university with a Christian environment.
Tickle: I chose Liberty because of the atmosphere and the values of the university. I also wanted to compete in lacrosse at the Division I level. 
Wells: I love the overall atmosphere at Liberty and how that atmosphere transitions into the lacrosse program. There really is no other school like it. Everyone is so positive and encouraging, which makes playing together a lot of fun.

What has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make since coming to Liberty and joining the lacrosse team?

Brown: Adjusting to the weather. Coming from California, that was a huge difference. I can now say that I have played lacrosse while it is snowing.
Tickle: The biggest adjustment that I've made is starting a new life for myself at Liberty. Being away from home, I've had to adjust to my independence, while trying to reach my scholastic goals and finding a balance between all of it.
Wells: As a freshman, I think the biggest adjustment for me has been adapting to the speed of the game. College lacrosse is a much faster game. The girls and the ball move faster.

What do you appreciate the most about Coach Nangle?

Britton: I appreciate Coach Nangle's heart to serve the Lord and the team. Her heart is in the game of lacrosse and that's something that inspires me. She's not just out there because she loves the game, she's out there to win.
Brown: Her passion and excitement for the game.
Tickle: What I appreciate most about Coach Nangle is the passion that she has for the sport and how driven she is. Her dedication to this program amazes me and I am thrilled to have her as my coach.
Wells: Coach Nangle is so great! Not only does she have so much knowledge of the game, but she is so passionate about lacrosse and the entire team. I think her passion is what makes her such a great coach. She sees the potential we have as a team and constantly encourages us to reach that potential.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Britton: I am looking forward to winning our games and having that experience with my amazing team and coaches.
Brown: am just looking forward to playing at the highest level of the sport I absolutely love. It is my life-long dream come true.
Tickle: I have never played on a team where the focus is to honor God. What makes this team so special is that we are using the talents that God has given us to glorify Him. I'm looking forward to this season, because I get to play the competitive sport that I love with very talented gifts.
Wells: I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements we made during the fall tournaments carry over into the spring as we compete against some really good teams.

What are your goals for this season?

Britton: My overall team goal is to win the Big South Championship for God. I want us to win for the glory of the Lord. 
Brown: My goal for this season is to make the biggest contribution to this team while we win a conference championship.
Tickle: My goal for this season is to push my teammates to get to the next level by holding them accountable. My goal for the team is to win games and win the Big South Championship.
Wells: This season, I plan to do my absolute best, helping my team in whatever way I can.