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Field Hockey Senior Spotlight on Jefferis, Richardson and Sloman

October 30, 2013  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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From left to right: Ann Jefferis, Jordan Richardson and Micailah Sloman

From left to right: Ann Jefferis, Jordan Richardson and Micailah Sloman

Saturday's field hockey contest between Liberty and Radford not only marks the end of the regular season for the Lady Flames, but also the final regular season home match for a trio of seniors. Ann Jefferis, Jordan Richardson and Micailah Sloman will be honored before the 1 p.m. game as a part of Liberty's senior day activities.

Leading up to the game, had a chance to sit down with each of the seniors and reminisce about their time as a member of the Lady Flames field hockey program. The trio shared some of their favorite memories and also some advice to their younger teammates.

What will you miss the most about being a part of the team?

Jefferis: I'll certainly miss the girls and the companionship that we have. I'll also miss the experiences that we have together as a team.

Richardson: I'll definitely miss the girls. You spend so much time with them that they become your sisters and your best friends. It'll be sad not to see them every day.

Sloman: Apart from the field hockey, I'll miss having that sense of community, the time with the girls and the sisterhood that we share together.

In what areas have you grown the most since coming to Liberty and joining the program?

Jefferis: In the classroom, I improved in academics. I've also grown a lot as a person in ways such as being a leader, serving people and being a team player.

Richardson: I've grown a lot as a player. Coach (Murphy) has taught me a lot skill-wise and field sense-wise. I've learned a lot about time management, commitment and dedication. I've also learned what it means to be all in for something and wanting to glorify the Lord through it.

Sloman: On the field, I've learned a lot about game strategy, but I feel like I've grown the most off the field. The combination of being at Liberty and being in settings that I would not have been exposed to back home has created an environment for me to grow spiritually. Being surrounded by sisters in Christ and godly leaders like the coaches has allowed me to grow closer to God.

What is one of the most memorable moments of your Liberty career?

Jefferis: As the field was being installed, we wrote our names on the padding underneath the turf. It's been great seeing how the program has grown since that time.

Richardson: When we went to Missouri last year, Coach (Murphy) surprised us with a trip to the zoo. I love the zoo and I literally started crying right on the bus. It was so much fun.

Sloman: When we built the wall that is in the corner of the field, all of the girls stood together and we made a line and passed the blocks down the line. It was so reflective of the unity that we have on the team.

What advice would you give to the underclassmen as they continue their time here at Liberty?

Jefferis: I'd encourage them to take life one day at a time and don't stress out about the little things. It is important to enjoy the moment that you are experiencing now.

Richardson: Don't let this time pass you by without realizing that you are living a dream. You are with your best friends all the time, playing Division I field hockey and you're able to have a sisterhood with girls who are in the same walk of life as you are. It's not something that you are going to have forever, so embrace it and take advantage of it.

Sloman: My advice would be to be engaging in everything that you do. Be proactive and experience as much as you can, because that is ultimately what shapes you.

What are your plans after graduation?

Jefferis: As of right now the plan is to return home to Pennsylvania and find a job working as a nurse.

Richardson: I'm still considering my options. I might be pursuing graduate school and an MBA.

Sloman: I'll be doing a practicum with an AIDs education program back in South Africa this summer. After that it is up to the Lord and I'm not sure where I'll end up going. Wherever it is I look forward to making a difference.

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