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Sports Nutrition

To provide researched-based nutrition education and support to LU’s varsity student-athletes in order that they may be empowered to optimally fuel their bodies to meet the demands of collegiate athletics.

Liberty Sports Nutrition advocates a “food first” approach and teaches student athletes the best ways to consume whole, healthy foods in proper proportions, combinations, and frequencies on a daily basis.  Special attention will be given to daily nutrition and hydration, pre- and post- game fueling, and proper menu planning for home and away events.

Liberty Sports Nutrition promotes a healthy relationship with food. There are no “good” and “bad” foods; however there are some food choices that may be better to choose more often than others. Making smart choices 90% of the time and allowing the occasional indulgence 10% of the time is a good approach to normal healthy eating. This philosophy promotes optimal nutrition while making eating enjoyable and less stressful.

Fueling the Flames


– Fuel Frequently with Food
• Every 3 hours have a balanced meal or snack containing whole foods and always start the day with breakfast


– Load up on fruits and veggies

• They provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals to promote health, fight disease, reduce inflammation, and enhance performance.


– Always Hydrate
• Water is necessary for important biological functions in the body, helps prevent injury, and improves performance.


– Make sure to Rest and Recover
• Recover after practice/workout with whole foods or with a recovery shake – this helps get the important nutrients your body needs after a hard work back into your body to repair muscles. Adequate sleep is critical for overall health and performing at your best both physically and mentally.


– Enjoy Eating

• Eating shouldn’t be stressful!


– Shop Smart
• The first step in eating healthy foods is having them in your fridge!

















Services (see below for procedures)
• Team nutrition education presentations/talks
• Grocery store tours
• Dining hall tours
• Restaurant/meal choice guidance for team meals
• Body composition testing via InBody 770
• Individual nutrition consults
• Ordering and distribution of NCAA compliant nutrition products
• Nutritional supplement review

Liberty Athletics Sports Nutrition Staff


Isaac Hicks, RDN, CSSD, LDN
Director of Sports Nutrition

Resources for Student-Athletes
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