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222 Liberty Student-Athletes Included on Big South Presidential Honor Roll

August 23, 2012
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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Pat Kelly and Phillip Aseweh were named Capital One Academic All-Americans during the 2011-12 academic year.

Liberty had 222 student-athletes earn inclusion on the 2011-12 Big South Presidential Honor Roll, Big South Conference Commissioner Kyle B. Kallander announced today.

To be named to the Presidential Honor Roll, student-athletes must have maintained a grade-point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher for the recently completed academic year.

With 222 honorees, Liberty had the most student-athletes of any conference institution earning a mention on the Big South Presidential Honor Roll.  Over 55 percent of Liberty's total student-athletes were named to the roll, capping off another strong year academically for Liberty student-athletes. Of Liberty's 20 athletic teams, 16 posted a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Liberty men's soccer player Phillip Aseweh and football player Pat Kelly were named Capital One Academic All-Americans.  Kelly earned first team honors, while Aseweh was selected to the squad's second team.

In addition, the Liberty men's soccer and women's lacrosse teams were honored by the NCAA with Public Recognition Awards. The awards are given to the each year to teams with APRs in the top 10 percent in each sport.

Several other Liberty programs were also recognized. The volleyball team was honored by the AVCA for the second consecutive year with the association's team academic award. The honor recognizes programs with a team grade-point average of 3.30 or higher.

The Lady Flames field hockey team earned a spot on the 2011 Gladiator by SGI/NFHCA Collegiate National Team Awards listing, while the women's cross country and track & field squads garnered  USTFCCCA Division I All-Academic team honors. In addition, Liberty swimming received a Scholar All-America team mention from the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA).

Below is a complete list of Liberty's 2011-12 Big South Presidential Honor Roll members:

Bryan Aanderud (baseball)

Tim Abbott (men's track)

Katelyn Adams (women's basketball)

Mia Aghaji (women's track)

Alyssa Allen (women's track)

Harrison Allen (men's track)

Brandon Apon (football)

Paul Arslain (men's track)

Christopher Arvey (men's track)

Jorge Azuero Tejada (men's tennis)

Stephen Baird (men's basketball)

Hillary Baker (women's lacrosse)

Chandler Ball (softball)

Audrey Bamford (women's track)

Zach Barker (men's track)

Rachel Barnes (women's track)

Abby Bardord (field hockey)

Morgan Becker (women's lacrosse)

Melinda Bendik (women's track)

Uriah Bentick (men's soccer)

Heather Bentley (women's soccer)

Silvia Betancourt (women's soccer)

Cody Bingham (men's track)

Karen Blocker (women's soccer)

Jessie Boda (women's tennis)

Courtney Boggs (volleyball)

Maddie Boone (women's soccer)

Lauren Bosche (volleyball)

Riley Brandon (women's track)

Daniel Brown (baseball)

Stephanie Buda (women's track)

Hillary Bullock (women's lacrosse)

Tim Bullock (men's soccer)

Meghan Burggraf (women's track)

Devan Butterworth (field hockey)

Brittany Campbell (women's basketball)

Leo Cardenas (football)

Erin Carney (women's track)

Sam Chappell (men's soccer)

Olivia Charnuski (women's track)

Jacy Christiansen (women's track)

Alex Close (baseball)

Shawn Clowers (baseball)

Andrew Colvin (men's golf)

Mary Cate Cooper (women's track)

Courtney Cooper (volleyball)

Andrew Cordasco (football)

Ryan Cordell (baseball)

Jarred Cornfield (men's track)

Tyler Cox (baseball)

Mercedes Cox (field hockey)

Jade Craycraft (volleyball)

Meredith Crisante (softball)

Jamie Crisp (softball)

Mychelle Cumings (women's track)

Kendra Dalton (women's soccer)

Morgan DeMann (field hockey)

Jacob DeValve (men's track)

Emily DeYmaz (softball)

Aaron Dial (football)

Alyssa DiMartino (softball)

Emily Dinsmore (women's lacrosse)

Annisha Domenech (women's tennis)

Amber Donovan (softball)

Helen Doolittle (field hockey)

Caroline Douglas (volleyball)

Sam Duininck (men's soccer)

Nina Dunay (women's lacrosse)

Alanna Dunkle (women's soccer)

Elliott Dutra (football)

Caleb Edmonds (men's track)

Logan Elliston (men's track)

Dawn Elmers (women's soccer)

Grace Esden (women's track)

Steve Feister (men's track)

Mathieu Fenasse (men's golf)

Lyndi Fielitz (women's track)

Abigail Flower (women's track)

Kacie Fogle (women's lacrosse)

Jenna Fraser (women's soccer)

Jen Freymond (women's lacrosse)

Jordan Frye (men's golf)

Jessica Gass (women's track)

Tomasz Gielo (men's basketball)

Daniel Grauer (baseball)

Kaylee Groeneveld (volleyball)

Alicia Guridy (women's track)

Zack Haley (baseball)

Lindsey Hanks (field hockey)

Mitch Hanson (football)

Lillie Happel (volleyball)

Becca Haraf (volleyball)

Wayne Harrell (men's tennis)

Kelly Haseman (volleyball)

Gabe Henderson (football)

Kelly Henion (women's soccer)

Alex Hibbs (field hockey)

Trevor Hope (men's track)

Allie Houk (women's lacrosse)

Rachel Houseknecht (women's track)

Emily Hoy (women's soccer)

Tanner Hoyt (men's basketball)

Brian Hudson (football)

Scott Hyland (football)

Ann Jefferis (field hockey)

Michael Johnson (football)

Megan Johnson (field hockey)

Chelsey Johnson (women's soccer)

Travis Joseph (men's soccer)

Khristina Kanagy (women's track)

Catherine Kearney (women's basketball)

Pat Kelly (football)

Bridgette Kelly (women's soccer)

Jacob Kemmerer (baseball)

Ngetich Kipchirchir (men's track)

Jennifer Klugh (women's track)

John Lambert (baseball)

Jenny Law (softball)

Ethan Layer (men's basketball)

Giancarlo Lemmi (men's tennis)

Sydnei Lester (softball)

Dylan Lewellyn (football)

Carol Lobel (women's tennis)

Garrett Long (football)

Terika Lunsford (women's basketball)

Aimee Luurtsema (women's soccer)

Jared Lyons (baseball)

Josh MacDonald (men's track)

Erica Manor (volleyball)

Billy Marsh (baseball)

Willie Martin (baseball)

Nick Martin (football)

Jacob Mast (men's golf)

Kristen Masullo (women's lacrosse)

Ian McConnell (men's golf)

Chloe McIntosh (women's lacrosse)

Max McKay (men's golf)

Scott McKinney (men's soccer)

Kylie McMichael (women's track)

Audra Menez (women's lacrosse)

Reagan Miller (women's basketball)

Meredith Mistretta (women's track)

Sophia Mliakoff (women's track)

Bekah Moye (women's soccer)

Jen Moyer (women's lacrosse)

Amber Nichols (women's lacrosse)

Hanna Nichols (softball)

John Niggli (baseball)

Juan Nino (men's soccer)

Grace Nordan (softball)

Casey Norris (women's soccer)

Richard Nyarko (men's soccer)

Laura Nyholt (women's soccer)

Jacob Onifer (men's track)

Silvanous Parchment (men's track)

Shelley Parker (women's track)

Ian Parmley (baseball)

Candice Parsons (women's lacrosse)

Alyssa Pegues (women's track)

Helena Pereira (women's soccer)

Ashton Perritt (baseball)

Chene Phillips (men's basketball)

Melissa Racz (volleyball)

Kevin Reddington (men's track)

Cameron Richard (women's tennis)

Jordan Richardson (women's lacrosse)

David Ricksecker (men's track)

Ashley Rininger (women's basketball)

Michael Robertson (baseball)

Sarah Robinson (women's soccer)

Megan Robinson (softball)

Melissa Rohwer (women's track)

Ellee Rollins (women's basketball)

Kendle Rollins (volleyball)

Katie Russo (women's track)

Hannah Sailsbury (field hockey)

Jesse Sanders (men's basketball)

John Caleb Sanders (men's basketball)

Zach Schreiber (football)

Kenny Scott (football)

David Scouten (men's track)

Jacob Sebold (men's soccer)

Alexandra Sheeran (women's tennis)

John Sherret (men's track)

Sammi Shivock (softball)

Brady Shorey (men's track)

Maddie Short (women's soccer)

Melanie Sims (women's track)

Matt Slamecka (men's tennis)

Andrew Smith (baseball)

ConRoy Smith (men's track)

Max Sommer (football)

Caitlin Spinks (women's track)

Sherri Spruel (women's track)

Tristan Stayt (men's tennis)

Lauren Stell (women's soccer)

Jill Stephens (softball)

Sam Struss (women's lacrosse)

Scott Sutarik (men's soccer)

Mark Swanson (baseball)

Geena Swentik (women's soccer)

William Terrell (men's soccer)

Shea Thomas (men's tennis)

Loren Thomas (volleyball)

Matthew Thompson (men's track)

Tami Tolsma (women's track)

Siim Tuus (men's tennis)

Paco Varol (football)

Megan Warner (women's soccer)

Rebecca Warren (volleyball)

Isaac Wendland (men's track)

Kaylee West (softball)

Kyle Wheeler (men's track)

Marianne Wheeler (women's track)

Greg White (men's soccer)

Riley White (men's track)

Tanner Wilcox (men's soccer)

Trey Wimmer (baseball)

Josh Woodrum (football)

Mandeep Yadav (men's tennis)

Brittany Yang (women's tennis)

Betel Yosef (women's track)