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FBS Feasibility Study Review with Bill Carr

May 15, 2012
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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As part of its continuing coverage of Monday's FBS Feasibility Study press conference, LibertyFlames.com brings you a follow-up interview with Bill Carr.

Throughout the remainder of the week, LibertyFlames.com will be providing additional feasibility study interviews with Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Director of Athletics Jeff Barber.

During Liberty's 39th commencement ceremony last Saturday, Chancellor Falwell announced the results of Liberty's recent FBS Feasibility Study and the University's intention to seek FBS conference affiliation for its 20-sport athletics program.

Shortly after the follow-up press conference on Monday, Flames Sports Network reporter Alan York had a chance to talk with Carr, getting his insight into this momentous announcement.

Carr and his group at Carr Sports Consultants has been the group that has overseen Liberty's FBS Feasibility Study, siting "in the 21 years that I've been serving as a consultant to college athletics, we have conducted dozens of studies for schools with athletics initiatives for the institution. That's either going from Division II to Division I, or adding football or going from the FCS level to the FBS level. Of all of those schools, and that's several dozen studies, there's really been no school more prepared for its major athletics initiative than Liberty. Liberty is prepared in every sense of the word for this move."

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