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Student-Athletes' Academics Honored at Banquet

May 4, 2011
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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Liberty's student-athletes with a perfect 4.0 GPA, who were honored on Monday night at the ninth annual Academics Award Banquet.

Monday night, Liberty Athletics held its ninth annual Academic Awards Banquet, honoring the hard work and achievements of its student-athletes in the classroom.

The banquet was held in the Club Pavilion of the Williams Stadium Tower and honored all student-athletes with a cumulative 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) or higher. Liberty Athletics invited 282 student-athletes who met the scholastic criteria, the highest number of invitees in Athletics Department history.

Academic highlights announced during the evening included 17 out of 21 programs with a 3.0 or higher team GPA, 119 students with a 3.5 GPA or higher and 12 student-athletes who are maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA.
The keynote speakers during the evening's event were current student-athletes Geren Woodbridge (men's track and field) and Ashley Nyholt (women's soccer).

Woodbridge and Nyholt, both senior kinesiology majors, spoke about what their time at Liberty has meant to them and charged the underclassmen to cherish their time at Liberty, as their collegiate years would go by quickly.

Following the keynote speakers, Kristie Beitz, Liberty's Associate AD for Academic Affairs, handed out several awards, honoring specific student-athletes and distinguished guests.

Beitz opened the awards portion of the evening by honoring the athletics programs who had excelled in the area of APR, the NCAA's academic progress rate that measures a student-athlete's path toward graduation.

The men's basketball program was honored for the most improved APR score, posting a perfect 1000 rate last year, while the softball program was recognized for the Athletics Department's best four-year multi-year APR of 996.

Below is a full list of award winners from the ninth annual Liberty Athletics Academic Awards Banquet:

APR Awards
Most improved: Men's Basketball (perfect score – 1,000)
Perfect APR scores (last academic year): Golf, Softball, Men's Soccer and Men's Tennis
Highest Multiyear Rate: Softball (996)

Gifts of the Spirit Award
Award Winner: Meredith Parnell (student tutor)
This honor is awarded to an individual that uses their spiritual gifts to the fullest of their ability to honor Christ. The Gifts of the Spirit award winner exemplifies someone that has the desire and ability to help others, to do whatever it takes to get a task accomplished.

Distinguished Guests
Ellen Mayes, Liberty University Bookstore manager
Larry Shackleton, Liberty University Vice President for Administrative Information Management/Registrar
Dr. David Allison, Communications
Beth Sites, Psychology

Perseverance of Job Award
Award Winner: Loren Thomas (volleyball)
This honor is awarded to an individual that has demonstrated determination, tenacity and endurance to overcome obstacles throughout their career.

Dr. Jerry Falwell Leadership Award
Award Winner: Panashe Nhekairo (men's soccer)
This honor is awarded to a student-athlete that demonstrates the highest level of academic excellence, exceptional leadership qualities, talent and service. This most distinguished award is given in honor of Dr. Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University.

Rookie of the Year
(Perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA as a freshman)
Tim Abbott, Men's Track and Field
Jenna Fraser, Women's Soccer
Becca Haraf, Volleyball
Audra Menez, Lacrosse
Taylor Schmidt, Men's Track and Field

MVP Award
(Perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA as a sophomore or junior)
Pat Kelly, Football
Megan Neff, Cheerleading
Lauren Stell, Women's Soccer

AD's Commitment to Excellence
(Perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA as a senior)
Jeremy Anderson, Men's Basketball
Tim Blankenship, Cheerleading
Elise Girani, Swimming
Panashe Nhekairo, Men's Soccer

Blue Level
(3.75 – 3.99 cumulative GPA)
Paul Arslain, Men's Track
Christopher Arvey, Men's Track
Zach Barker, Men's Track
Rachel Barnes, Women's Track
Karen Blocker, Women's Soccer
Courtney Boggs, Volleyball
Lauren Bosche', Volleyball
Justin Branham, Wrestling
Daniel Brown, Baseball
Courtney Cooper, Volleyball
Jacob DeValve, Men's Track
Taylor Edds, Cheerleading
Jordan Frye, Golf
Kaylee Groeneveld, Volleyball
Mitch Hanson, Football
Kelly Henion, Women's Soccer
Seth Hicks, Wrestling
Amanda Hornick, Lacrosse
Jordan Jenkins, Women's Tennis
Brittney Johnson, Women's Soccer
Chelsey Johnson, Women's Soccer
Jacob Kemmerer, Baseball
Giancarlo Lemmi, Men's Tennis
Aimee Luurtsema, Women's Soccer
Taylor Mathis, Cheerleading
Ian McConnell, Golf
Max McKay, Golf
Scott McKinney, Men's Soccer
Rachel Michener, Women's Soccer
Emily Mudd, Swimming
Juan J. Nino, Men's Soccer
Laura Nyholt, Women's Soccer
Kevin Reddington, Men's Track
Chris Rocco, Football
David Rocco, Football
ConRoy Smith, Men's Track
Thad Taylor, Men's Soccer
Joel Terry, Men's Track
Tami Tolsma, Women's Track

Red Level
(3.50 – 3.74 cumulative GPA)
Darren Amoo, Men's Soccer
Philip Aseweh, Men's Soccer
Karyl Bacon, Volleyball
Morgan Becker, Lacrosse
Kylee Beecher, Women's Basketball
Uriah Bentick, Men's Soccer
Matt Bevins, Football
Jessie Boda, Women's Tennis
Matt Camire, Football
Brittany Campbell, Women's Basketball
Carol Castro, Women's Tennis
Samuel Chappell, Men's Soccer
Olivia Charnuski, Women's Track
Jarred Cornfield, Men's Track
Preston Dembowiak, Golf
Nina Dunay, Lacrosse
Brian Edman, Men's Soccer
Caleb Edmonds, Men's Track
Grace Esden, Women's Track
Ryan Ferguson, Football
Hannah Fick, Women's Tennis
Elliot Galeone, Men's Track
Paul Gilbert, Men's Soccer
Molly-Catherine Goodson, Cheerleading
Kelly Haseman, Volleyball
Laura Haugland, Women's Track
Jennifer Healey, Women's Track
Dan Hibbs, Men's Track
Rachel Houseknecht, Women's Track
Tanner Hoyt, Men's Basketball
Scott Hyland, Football
Spencer Jackson, Men's Track
Katrina Johnson, Softball
Andrew Jordan, Cheerleading
Keegan Linza, Baseball
Robert Leffew, Wrestling
Sydnei Lester, Softball
William Martin, Baseball
Chelaine McCarty, Volleyball
Chloe McIntosh, Lacrosse
Whitney Mock, Cheerleading
Joey Montgomery, Wrestling
Juan F. Nino, Men's Soccer
Casey Norris, Women's Soccer
Ashley Nyholt, Women's Soccer
Kyle O'Donnell, Football
Maria Owen, Women's Soccer
Ian Parmley, Baseball
Chese Phillips, Men's Basketball
Christopher Phillips, Men's Soccer
Brye Ravettine, Swimming
Cameron Richard, Women's Tennis
Rebekah Ricksecker, Women's Track
John Caleb Sanders, Men's Basketball
Sammi Shivock, Softball
Melanie Sims, Women's Track
Jacob Singleton, Golf
Joel Stafford, Wrestling
Jill Stephens, Softball
Kristen Story, Women's Track
Mark Swanson, Baseball
Shea Thomas, Men's Tennis
Siim Tuus, Men's Tennis
Rachel Walten, Swimming
Christopher Watters, Golf
Soeren Wendland, Football
Benjamin Wirth, Men's Tennis

White Level
(3.00 – 3.49 cumulative GPA)
Andrew Abrams, Baseball
Mia Aghaji, Women's Track
Harrison Allen, Men's Track
Alyssa Anderson, Women's Soccer
Hannah Anderson, Volleyball
Chelsea Andrews, Cheerleading
Brandon Apon, Football
Christina Arnett, Cheerleading
Abigail Austin, Women's Soccer
Jacey Bailey, Men's Track
Stephen Baird, Men's Basketball
Garrett Baker, Baseball
Hillary Baker, Lacrosse
Blaire Barnhart, Lacrosse
Dane Beakler, Baseball
Katie  Beecher, Volleyball
Melinda Bendik, Women's Track
Ashley Bensinger, Softball
Heather Bentley, Women's Soccer
Silvia Betancourt, Women's Soccer
Gabriel Bird, Wrestling
Meg Bowles, Women's Track
Taylor Bowles, Women's Track
Bianca Brancaleone, Lacrosse
Douglas Bream, Baseball
Tyler Bream, Baseball
John Brown, Men's Basketball
Mike Brown, Football
Timothy Bullock, Men's Soccer
Meghan Burggraf, Women's Track
Dacia Bushman, Women's Track
Laken Cass, Cheerleading
Amy Clemenson, Cheerleading
Bryan Cole, Baseball
Andrew Colvin, Golf
Ryan Cordell, Baseball
Ryan Cox, Men's Track
Carra Coy, Women's Basketball
Jade Craycraft, Volleyball
Meredith Crisante, Softball
Robert Cross, Men's Soccer
Kendra Dalton, Women's Soccer
Amber DePasquale, Softball
Alyssa DiMartino, Softball
Emily Dinsmore, Lacrosse
Annisha Domenech, Women's Tennis
Stephen Dooley, Golf
Tashan Duff, Men's Track
Zach Duke, Football
Elliott Dutra, Football
Samuel Duininck, Men's Soccer
Patrick Eckelbarger, Baseball
Josh Edmonds, Men's Track
Drew Edwards, Men's Track
Dawn Elmers, Women's Soccer
Steven Evans, Baseball
Aldo Ferrante, Baseball
Lyndi Fielitz, Women's Track
Blake Forslund, Baseball
Emily Frazier, Women's Basketball
Chenoa Freeman, Women's Track
Jennifer Freymond, Lacrosse
Lauren Garside, Swimming
Jessica Gass, Women's Track
Alicia Guridy, Women's Track
Zach Haley, Baseball
Lillie Happel, Volleyball
Tyler Harrison, Cheerleading
James Hatch, Men's Track
Gabe Henderson, Football
Kameona Hokoana, Wrestling
Mark Hopely, Men's Track
Kristin Horton, Women's Soccer
Emily Hoy, Women's Soccer
Brian Hudson, Football
Kaylee Irwin, Women's Track
Travis Joseph, Men's Soccer
Khristina Kanagy, Women's Track
Kelsey Keimig, Lacrosse
Sarah Kendrick, Swimming
Christopher King, Baseball
Jennifer Klugh, Women's Track
David Kwon, Men's Tennis
Garen Lafser, Men's Basketball
Jenny Law, Softball
Dylan Lewellyn, Football
Mike Larsson, Football
Niklas Lindstrom, Golf
Josh MacDonald, Men's Track
Kittery Maine, Women's Basketball
Nick Martin, Football
Kati Masters, Swimming
Kristen Masullo, Lacrosse
Krystle Matthews, Women's Track
Tevan McIntire, Men's Track
Joshua McLeod, Baseball
Rachel McLeod, Women's Basketball
Kylie McMichael, Women's Track
Keely McMillon, Softball
Josh Medlin, Football
Christina Mitchell, Women's Track
T. J. Mitchell, Wrestling
Dymond Morgan, Women's Basketball
Rebekah Moye, Women's Soccer
James Moyer, Cheerleading
Jennifer Moyer, Lacrosse
Brittany Neal, Cheerleading
Hailey Neal, Women's Track
Nathan Nelson, Wrestling
John Niggli, Baseball
Grace Nordan, Softball
Timothy O'Maley, Wrestling
Christopher Osborne, Men's Soccer
Lindsay Papet, Women's Track
Shelley Parker, Women's Track
Alyssa Pegues, Women's Track
Stephanie Pruett, Cheerleading
Kayla Rawls, Cheerleading
Jake Reed, Men's Track
Jordan Richardson, Lacrosse
David Ricksecker, Men's Track
Grant Rideout, Men's Track
Caitlyn Riley, Women's Soccer
Michael Robertson, Baseball
Megan Robinson, Cheerleading
Sarah Robinson, Women's Soccer
Kendle Rollins, Volleyball
Lindsey Romkes, Swimming
Katie Russo, Women's Track
Eli Sanchez, Wrestling
Jesse Sanders, Men's Basketball
Kolby Shepherd, Men's Track
Madison Short, Women's Soccer
Tiffani Smith, Softball
Sherri Spruel, Women's Track
Adrianna Starling, Lacrosse
Tristan Stayt, Men's Tennis
Jordan Steffaniak, Cheerleading
Dalton Sype, Baseball
Austin Taylor, Baseball
Loren Thomas, Volleyball
Mark Tomlin, Football
Denise Troyer, Women's Track
Joel Vander Pol, Men's Basketball
Paco Varol, Football
Bethany Wakeley, Swimming
Megan Warner, Women's Soccer
Becca Warren, Volleyball
Sarah van Wassehnova, Lacrosse
Jaime Watson, Women's Track
Isaac Wendland, Men's Track
Kaylee West, Softball
Marianne Wheeler, Women's Track
Riley White, Men's Track
Marie Williams, Women's Track
Trey Wimmer, Baseball
Geren Woodbridge, Men's Track
Chloe Woody, Women's Soccer
Jordan Woody, Women's Soccer
Matthias Wrede, Football
Greg White, Men's Soccer
Mandeep Yadav, Men's Tennis
Betel Yosef, Women's Track