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Liberty Notches First Spring Win

January 28, 2011
|  White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.
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Tristan Stayt helped tally two points in the Flames 6-1 victory over Bluefield State, picking up victories in No. 1 Singles and with teammate Giancarlo Lemmi in No. 2 Doubles.


The Liberty men's tennis team swept the doubles matches and took five of the six singles contests Friday, on their way to a 6-1 victory over Bluefield State at the Greenbrier Resort.
The Flames, now 1-1, started strong in doubles play, taking each match.  Siim Tuus and Shea Thomas won, 8-4, over Shikhar Kapur and Dusan Zivkovic in the No. 1 spot.  Tristan Stayt and Giancarlo Lemmi blanked Marcin Majchrzak and Jesus Sanchez, 8-0 to win in the No. 2 position, while the Mandeep Yadev and Piotr Kruk pairing defeated Vlad Catlan and Sreeram Gautam, 8-4, in the No. 3 match.
The Flames also controlled singles play, earning straight-set victories in the first five spots in the lineup.  Freshmen Kruk and Thomas picked up their first collegiate victories for the spring season, playing in the second and third positions, respectively.
Stayt held down the No. 1 singles for the Flames, defeating Kapur, 7-5, 6-4.
Lemmi and Yadev added victories in the fourth and fifth positions, while Benjamin Wirth came up just short in the sixth singles match, falling to Gautam 4-6, 6-2, 11-9.
Liberty's next match comes when they travel to Boone, N.C., to face Appalachian State, Feb. 6.  The match is slated for a noon start.

Liberty 6, Bluefield State 1
1. Tuus/Thomas (LU) def. Kapur/Zivkovic (Blue) 8-4
2. Stayt/Lemmi (LU) def. Majchrzak/Sanchez (Blue) 8-0
3. Yadav/Kruk (LU) def. Catlan/Gautam (Blue) 8-4

1. Tristan Stayt (LU) def. Kapur (Blue) 7-5 6-4
2. Piotr Kruk (LU) def. Majchrazak (Blue) 6-3 6-3
3. Shea Thomas (LU) def. Sanchez (Blue) 6-3 6-1
4. Giancarlo Lemmi (LU) def. Catlan (Blue) 7-5 6-3
5. Mandeep Yadav (LU) def. Zivkovic (Blue) 6-2 6-2
6. Gautam (Blue) def. Ben Wirth (LU) 4-6 6-2 11-9