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Life with the Lady Flames: Molly's Moment

November 11, 2008
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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The Lady Flames will tip off the 2008-09 season Friday evening at 7 p.m., with a first-round Preseason WNIT game against VCU at the Vines Center.

The Lady Flames will tip off the 2008-09 season Friday evening at 7 p.m., with a first-round Preseason WNIT game against VCU at the Vines Center.

Today, LibertyFlames.com continues a new feature for the 2008-09 women's basketball season, "Life with the Lady Flames." From now until the end of the season, Liberty's six seniors will provide a unique look inside the women's basketball program, by way of journal entries. The series continues with Molly Frazee.

Hi, my name is Molly Frazee, and I am a senior here at Liberty. I am majoring in nursing, and enjoying every minute of it. This season is a bit different for me, because I was injured in late August and will be out for the whole season due to reconstructive surgery to repair my ACL. My role this year has changed from a player, to a supporter! It has been interesting dealing with school, physical therapy and practice. The Lord has granted me the strength in every area of my life, enabling me to do things I know I would be unable to do on my own. I have a clinical every week in the hospital, and this past week I got to put in an IV on a patient! That was really exciting! Well, that is enough about me. Let's move on to how the team is looking!

It is hard to believe our first game is this Friday. Time has flown by! As we get ready to face our first opponent, the coaches are making sure all of the players are as prepared as they can be. We have a great practice team made up of Liberty male students, who do a phenomenal job in simulating teams we will face. However, the guys have an advantage, because they are quicker and more athletic, which helps us in the long run. Even though our team is currently a little beat up from injuries, the players who will be taking the court on Friday seem well prepared. The freshmen have done a great job of learning the plays and defenses. There are a lot of things to remember as a player, but the coaching staff has done a great job in implementing things at a pace where the freshmen can catch on without feeling overwhelmed.

Since our Halloween party, we had a chance to eat at Doc's Diner as a team after practice last Friday! Some of us had not eaten there this semester, so it was a new thing to try. I can tell you that the food was awesome. We had a good time laughing and hanging out! It is hard to believe we only have two weeks left until Thanksgiving Break. I know I am looking forward to a break from school, as is everyone else.

For those of you who have not been into the Vines Center lately, you will be in for a surprise. They have put in all new seats, which are supposed to be done by Friday! We also have new basketball goals with shot clocks that you can see from any angle in the stands! If you are able, and want to see a good game, come out Friday night, as we take on VCU for our first game of the season! 

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