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Behind the Numbers with the Flames

September 5, 2008
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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In today's Behind the Numbers segment, we visit with Zach Davis, Chuck Duffey, Danny Broggin and Asa Chapman.

In today's Behind the Numbers segment, we visit with Zach Davis, Chuck Duffey, Danny Broggin and Asa Chapman.

Have you ever sat up in the stands at Williams Stadium and wondered what No. 13's favorite movie is or what songs No. 34 listens to on his iPod prior to kickoff earlier in the day?

Well, LibertyFlames.com is here to give fans a further glimpse into the players behind the numbered jerseys in this season-long campaign where the web site gives you a look at the players within the program.

The Behind the Numbers with the Flames segment will run weekly throughout the year, giving Flames fans further insight into their favorite players off the gridiron. Weekly, the web site will feature the answers from players, as they were asked to ponder life's more "difficult" questions upon returning to training camp this fall.

Today, LibertyFlames.com will reveal its player questionnaire responses from offensive lineman Zach Davis, defensive back Chuck Duffey, wide receiver Danny Broggin and defensive lineman Asa Chapman.

Zach Davis – ZD
Chuck Duffey – CD
Danny Broggin – DB
Asa Chapman - AS

1. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
ZD – Luke 23:34, because Jesus continued to show His love when He was being nailed to the cross. His strength was shown because He allowed Himself to become submissive to His heavenly Father.
CD – Philippians 4:13, because Christ is my motivation.
DB – John 3:16

2. What is your favorite movie and why?
ZD – Gladiator, because I get great quotes from the movie.
CD – The Dark Knight, because Batman has been my favorite super hero since birth.
DB – Antwan Fisher, because the main character had a rough upbringing, but he still became a pretty good adult.

3. What is your favorite memory while competing in your sport?
ZD – Playing against Wake Forest in 2006.
CD – My first interception against Charleston Southern.
DB – Winning the state championship in 2002 and 2005 in football.
AC – Dunking a basketball in the semifinal game of the regional tournament.

4. What is your most embarrassing memory while competing in your sport?
ZD – Jumping offsides against Charleston Southern, because I had never jumped offsides before.
CD – Missing an tackle in the open field.
DB – Missing a wide open lay-up in basketball in a state playoff basketball game.
AC – Being Shook out of my shoes.

5. I came to Liberty because …
ZD – it is a great Christian environment and I heard that Liberty had good looking girls.
CD – it fit my lifestyle and I wanted to grow spiritually.
DB – to change my life for the better and play football.

6. Share something that people don't know about you or makes you unique from others.
ZD – My left leg is slightly shorter than my right leg.
CD – I'm a Mama's Boy! My mom is my heart.
DB – I'm an up-and-coming artist.
AC – Tom and Jerry is my favorite TV show.

7. What has been your defining moment as an athlete?
ZD – I can't think of just one moment, but I cam defined by the word versatility, because I have played every position on the offensive line while in college.
CD – My defining moment came last year when I started understanding the coverages we run. Everything became so much easier and the field play showed down.
AC – I define myself, so there is no one moment.

8. My first car was …
ZD – a 1998 Chevy Tahoe.
CD – a 1998 Acura 2.5 TL.
DB – a go cart, because I don't have a learner's permit.
AC – a green Monte Carlo.

9. If you could be somebody else for a day, who would you be and why?
ZD – Coach Scott Wachenheim, so I can get the ball thrown to me.
AS – I would just be myself.

10. Who is your favorite Liberty athlete?
ZD – Matthias "Big Thias" Wrede (football)
CD – Chris Rocco (football), because of his knowledge of the game.

11. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
ZD – Lateness is a character flaw. My dad taught that to me and it has saved me many times.
CD – Be the best at what you do, which is something my dad said to me (Chuck Duffey, Sr.).
AC – If you pay attention to what everyone else thinks about you, you are going to be very busy.

12. If you could change one rule in your sport, what would it be and why?
ZD – Nothing, because all the rules are good for the game.
CD – Celebration rules, because they should be part of the game. They are taking all the fun out of the game, as well as the emotion.
AC – The horse collar rule.

13. After graduation I would like to …
ZD – be the head coach of a high school football team.
CD – be a psychologist.
DB – continue to play football.
AC – I would like to play in the NFL.

14. When I have an hour of free time, I like to …
ZD – watch film.
CD – play Madden football on my PS3.
DB – draw and sing.
AC – play Pokémon.

15. Words that describe me on the athletic field (and why) are …
ZD – consistent and smart, because I'm the same person everyday and I know my assignments.
CD – go getter and stingy, because when the ball is anywhere near me, it is mine and no one else's.
DB – a problem, for opposing coaches and players.
AC – terminator and seeks to destroy.

16. If you could compete in any sport against any athlete, who would it be and why?
ZD – Tiger Woods (PGA golfer), so I could get his autograph.
CD – It would be Anquan Bolden (NFL/Arizona Cardinals), because he is who I idolized when I played receiver. Now that I'm on defense, I would like to match up against him.
DB – Kevin Garnett (NBA/Boston Celtics), because he's so passionate about his craft.
AC – Mike Tyson (former heavyweight boxing champion.

17. My craziest ambition in life is to …
DB – nothing.
AC – own my own airline.

18. Do you have any pre-game rituals?
CD – Just getting focused and "in the zone".
DB – Pray and chill out.
AC – Just chilling in the corner by myself.

19. If you could have dinner with three people throughout history, who would they be and why?
CD – Martin Luther King, Jr.
DB – Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. … think about that group.

20. A place I've always wanted to visit, but never had the chance is (and why)?
CD – Hawaii, because it is a beautiful vacation spot.
DB – Africa, to visit my ancestor's homeland.
AC – The Galapagos Islands, because they are so beautiful.

21. I choose my uniform number because …
CD – Ronda Barber, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wears the same number.
DB – I've worn it my whole life.
AC – I'm starting something new this year.

22. What are four or five things you could not live without?
CD – Playstation, cereal, my car, family and God.
DB – My family and my friends, my music and a brush.
AC – Kristie Beitz, Courtney Hoffman, music, my mom and Tom and Jerry.

23. My personal goals this season are …
CD – eight interceptions.
DB – to play well and score four times.
AC – to take someone's starting role on the team.

24. What sets football apart as a sport and makes it appealing to you?
CD – Because it is a contact sport and you can release stress and anger on the field.
DB – It is physical and is the closest thing to war.
AC – It's a straight up war. The defense is one country, trying to take over the offensive's territory.

25. If I won a million dollars, I would …
CD – Take care of my brothers and sisters.
DB – make sure my family is set and then help the St. Jude Hospital.
AC – buy my mom a house.

26. What cartoon character are you most like (and why)?
AC – Jerry, because I'm always ahead.

27. If someone would look at the songs on my iPod, I would be embarrassed for them to see I have this song …
CD – I don't have an iPod.
DB – Far Away, by Nickelback.
AC – Freebird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

28. The first thing people notice about me when they meet me is …
CD – my smile.
DB – how big my arms are.
AC – for girls, it is my smile and for guys it is my sass.

29. When you were a little child, what did you want to be "when you grew up" and are you pursuing it still as a career/profession after graduation?
CD – I wanted to play football like my father, so yes.
DB – I just wanted to be a successful young man.
AC – I wanted to play football, so yes, I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do.

30. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
CD – To read minds, so I could know every move a person would make.
DB – To be invisible so that I could hear what people really think about me.
AC – To be a shape shifter, so I can change into anything.