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IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Track Blog: Day 1

May 16, 2008
|  Princeton, N.J.
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Daniel Newell will battle the nasty weather conditions and a deep, talented field of competitors in the IC4A decathlon, beginning today at 1 p.m.

Daniel Newell will battle the nasty weather conditions and a deep, talented field of competitors in the IC4A decathlon, beginning today at 1 p.m.

From the bleachers at Princeton's William Weaver Track & Field Stadium in Princeton, N.J., LibertyFlames.com will provide live updates throughout the three days of the 2008 ECAC and IC4A Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Please see below for other ways to follow all of the action.

Complete Meet Schedule
Live Results (Courtesy LancerTiming.com)

The most recent posts will be located at the just below this italicized message. You may need to refresh the page periodically to view the latest updates. Feel free to email pjcarmany@liberty.edu with any comments, questions or suggestions. Thanks!

10:05 p.m. - Edmonds has one mile left at 25:42. He needs to go under 5:10 for a PR.

Edmonds moves into seventh, passing LaSalle. He's at 26:56 with 1200 left. Reed 27:47.

Two to go--Edmonds is at 28:09. Reed 29:03.

Edmonds reaches the bell in 29:22, gaining on sixth.

Edmonds overtakes sixth on the backstretch, has a nice sprint.

Reed clocks a 31:32ish.

Official results. Pizzonia from Iona won in 30:04.36.Edmonds 6th in 30:26.53, a personal best by 26 seconds. He evenly split--15:13 for each 5K. Reed gets 21st in 31:32.69.

That's it for now. I need to dry out, warm up and get a story written. Thanks for reading. We'll be back tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., about 11 hours from now, as Daniel Newell resumes his quest to win the IC4A decathlon.

Thanks for your interest and Go Flames!

9:54 p.m. - Edmonds pulling away from 9th. 20:47 is his split with 2 miles left. Reed clocks a 21:20.

Edmonds is gradually gaining on 7th, a LaSalle runner. About 40 meters back with 7 left. 22:01. Reed comes through in 22:36.

Edmonds has 1.5 miles left. He continues to pull up toward 5-6-7 runners. He's at 23:15. Reed clocks 23:54.

At five miles, Edmonds is trying to keep alive the hope of catching 5-6-7, now packed together 45 meters ahead. His split is 24:28. Reed is at 25:12.

9:48 p.m. - Edmonds goes through 15:51 and 17:03.

Now approaching the end of lap 15 in 18:18. 4 miles for Edmonds in 19:33. He's just ahead of 9th place.

Reed splits 20:03.

9:43 p.m. - McDougal's next split is 10:31. That's '3,600 meters. 16 laps to go. He drops out just past the line. Edmonds 10th in 10:56. Reed at 11:08.

Edmonds approaching the 4K in 10th. 12:09 is his split. Reed is 21st in 12:23.

Edmonds still 10th through 11 laps--13:23. Reed clocks a 13:38.

We're at 3 miles in 14:37. Edmonds in 9th, on the shoulder of 8th. Reed clocks 14:55.

Here's 5K: Edmonds 9th in 15:13. Reed in 21st at 15:33.

9:38 p.m. - McDougal is at 5:46 through 2K. Edmonds 11th in 6:03. Reed has dropped back to the next pack. 6:11.

McDougal's 2400-meter split is 6:56. Edmonds 11th in 7:16, on the back of a pack of seven. Reed in a massive pack 50 meters behind Edmonds.

At 2,800 meters, McDougal splits 8:07. That's his slowest lap, 71. Edmonds in the same spot--8:30. Reed in the middle of his pack--8:40.

Here we are at 2 miles--McDougal clocks a 9:18. He has a 70-meter lead. Edmonds still 11th in 9:42. Reed hits 2 miles in 9:54.

9:34 p.m. - We have a trio of Flames in the night's final race, the men's 10K. Josh McDougal, the two-time IC4A 10K champ, Josh Edmonds and Jake Reed.

If McDougal really pushes the pace, I'll focus on his splits and may lose track of the other Flames at times. I'll do the best I can.

McDougal sprints to the front and runs the first lap in 1:09. Over four seconds ahead of the pack.

McDougal's second split is 2:18. Edmonds around 11th in 2:26.

At 1,200 meters, the 14-time All-American is at 3:27. Edmonds in 11th, Reed 12th, trying to catch Edmonds' pack with a couple surges.

At the mile, McDougal has evenly split a 4:36 mile. Edmonds 11th in 4:51. Reed 12th in 4:54.

9:28 p.m. - 10:18 is the split at 3,600 meters. Kigen is now second, as the places continue to juggle at the front. Virginia leads.

Virginia and Kigen have broken away a bit. 4K split is 11:25.

With 2 laps left, it's a two-man race. Sorry, it's Georgetown first in 11:59. I thought it looked like a Virginia uniform.

Georgetown about 6 meters ahead of Kigen, well ahead of third. With 600 left, they're at 12:33.

At the bell, Kigen's within 3 meters. 13:07.

Georgetown explodes at the bell. Kigen can't quite match the move. Nunn of Georgetown holds on to win in 14:14.05. Kigen records his best outdoor time, 14:14.56, and matches his runner-up finish at the IC4A indoor 5K.

9:21 p.m. - Kigen continues making moves in front of the stands. He surges to fourth and crosses 2K in 5:43.

A Syracuse runner leads, but he has a train of runners on his shoulder. 6:55 at 2,400 meters.

Kigen takes the lead just past 2400. William & Mary coming into second. Virginia comes up into the lead now. 8:03 at 2,800 meters.

Kigen briefly drops way back. Now regains contact with the leaders. He is in fifth, 7 meters off the lead, approaching two miles. The split is 9:09.

With one mile left, it's a pack of five at the front. Kigen is fourth in 9:44.

9:16 p.m. - They're not using the clock for some reason, and I didn't get a watch started, so I'll just have to describe the action in Evans Kigen's section of the men's 5K. He's tucked in fifth through 600 meters, behind two Virginia runners and two William & Mary athletes.

Now the clock's back. I can get an 800-meter split. 2:17.

Kigen now around 7th or 8th, but it's very tightly bunched.

Kigen breaks out of the box at 1K in 2:52 and gets out to 6th place.

At this point, the first race, won in 14:23, was just as fast. Around 3:23 for 1200.

Kigen staying on the inside of lane 2, out of trouble. There was nearly a spill beside him, involving one of the William & Mary runners.

1,600-meter split is 4:32 or so. Kigen still around 5th.

9:05 p.m. - Bushman officially ran a 36:43.19. Not only did she pass the LaSalle competitor in the last 60 meters, but also an Army runner. So, she did nab eighth place, giving Liberty nine points in the event. At the end of day one, the Lady Flames are fifth in the team standings. Providence leads with 18 points.

Bushman also broke her own Liberty freshman record by 13 seconds.

Evans Kigen will run section 2 of the men's 5K shortly.

8:55 p.m. - Jefferson is at 30:03, with 4 to go. Grandt is closing in on her. Jefferson nearing more lapped runners. Bushman and LaSalle continuing their battle. They have one mile left at 31:05.

Jefferson still holding off Grandt. She's at 31:31 with 1200 meters left. Bushman and LaSalle are still fighting. 32:32.

Jefferson was passed but is going with Grandt. She has 800 left in 32:56. Bushman clocks a 33:59.

Grandt finishes in 34:15.70, a new meet record. Jefferson around 34:20 at the bell. Bushman's split is 35:25, still on LaSalle's shoulder.

Jefferson sprints home in second, successfully finishing her collegiate career.

Bushman also has a nice finishing kick, finally surging past LaSalle. I want to say she finished 8th.

Jefferson's official time was 35:42.86. Conditions may have been slowed by the sheets of mist gradually soaking the runners.

I'll post Bushman's time once they post it. Sorry I didn't catch an estimate.

We're underway in the first of two heats of the men's 5,000-meter final.

8:45 p.m. - Jefferson hits 17 laps in 24:18. Two miles left. Bushman now in 9th and gaining on 8th. Her split is 25:15.

Jefferson goes through 4.5 miles in 25:45, hitting more lapped traffic. Bushman still 9th, I believe, at 26:44.

Jefferson's 19-lap split is 27:11. I'm now not sure if Bushman is 9th or 10th, but she's right behind a LaSalle runner. She has 6 to go after breaking the line in 28:11.

At five miles, Jefferson has clocked 28:38. Bushman is still battling the LaSalle competitor, at 29:38.

8:39 p.m. - Jefferson's 14-lap split is 19:58. She has a 100-meter lead on third place. Bushman at 20:51. I wish I could tell you her place, but too many people have been lapped. She's near the front of the once big pack.

Jefferson is at 21:24 with 10 to go. She's the only runner Grandt hasn't lapped yet. Bushman passes a couple more is at 22:21.

Jefferson's four-mile split is 22:51. Nine to go. I believe Bushman is in 10th place, crossing through four miles in 23:46.

8:33 p.m. - Jefferson is at 12:48 through 9 laps. Bushman 13:23ish. Sorry, I missed her exact split.

Jefferson is at 14:14 through 2.5 miles. Bushman is in a pack containing runners placed #10-22. She's at 14:51.

Jefferson'a 11-lap split is 15:40. Bushman still in the big pack in 16:21. She just got lapped by West Virginia's Grandt.

Here they come through 3 miles. Jefferson laps a runner from St. John's and is at 17:05. Still a clear second.

I'll stay on for the 5K split. Jefferson is around 17:47. Bushman at 18:34.

8:26 p.m. - Jefferson has second place in hand by 6 meters through 5 laps: 7:09. Bushman is 7:23. The Lady Flame freshman is still in a huge pack, running out in lane 2.

Jefferson is starting to get in "no-man's land," over 100 meters behind Grandt and 10 in front of third place: 8:34 through 6. Bushman's split is 8:52.

Jefferson looks smooth as she crosses the line in 9:58. 18 to go. Bushman is in a 14-person pack, crossing in 10:22.

Here comes the two-mile split for Jefferson. She's a very clear second in 11:23. Her second mile was 5:38.

Bushman is at 11:52. So, she's gone 5:54 then 5:58. She is still out in lane 2.

8:20 p.m. - Clara Grandt of West Virginia is going out ahead of the pack. Carol Jefferson is third through the first lap.

Grandt continues her break. Jefferson is second in 2:52 through 800 meters. Bushman is starting out more conservatively.

Jefferson still second in 4:21. Bushman further back. I'll try to get mile splits for both.

Grandt of West Virginia hits the mile in 5:22.

Carol Jefferson is second in 5:45.

Dacia comes through in 5:54, in the midst of a big pack.

8:10 p.m - Daniel Newell will take a 240-point lead into day two of the decathlon, which will start at 9 a.m. Saturday with the 110-meter hurdles. Here are the top five.

IC4A Decathlon Day One Top Five Competitors
1) Daniel Newell, Liberty - 3,770
2) Tom FitzSimons, Mount St. Mary's - 3,530
3) Alex Lewis, Harvard - 3,486
4) Brian Blumenstein, UNC Wilmington - 3,482
5) Ryan White, Bucknell - 3,459

Newell was the only decathlete to break 50 seconds tonight.

Next up, the women's 10,000 meters, which will feature Liberty senior Carol Jefferson and freshman Dacia Bushman.

7:55 p.m. - We are now inserting the final two sections of the decathlon. Newell will run the second heat. Looks like he's drawn lane 8.

Newell blasts out of the blocks and leads from wire to wire. He wins the heat in 49.31, by almost two full seconds over Tim Matlack of Rutgers.

With 847 more points, Newell finishes day one at 3,770. This represents his highest-ever day one score and should have him in the lead. Official results will be provided as soon as I can get my hands on them.

7:50 p.m. - We're off in section two of the IC4A steeplechase.

With 6 laps left, McDougal is 4th at 1:45. Jelen a bit further back.

With 5 laps left, it's Kyle Heath of Syracuse in first, Harry Miller of W&M in second, McDougal 3rd, Jarvis Jelen 11th.

With 4 laps left, it's the same order up front, but McDougal is gaining on Miller and passing him at 4:05. Jelen still around 11th in 4:10.

With 3 laps left, Heath has a nice lead, followed by McDougal in 5:18. Jelen 12th in 5:24.

With 2 laps remaining, Heath remains in front, and McDougal is a clear second in 6:32. Jelen up to 9th in 6:39. He's picking off some runners falling back to him.

At the bell, it's Heath's race to lose. McDougal still second, but a pack of three is gaining on him. 7:46 is his split. Jelen 8th and moving up in 7:55.

McDougal is passed by two runners but holds off fifth. He's fourth place, Jelen holds on to eighth.

McDougal finishes in 9:01.42, Jelen in 9:07.43. Heath of Syracuse won in 8:50.82.

Liberty picks up five points from McDougal. The winner of the first heat beat Jarvis Jelen's time, so he will end up ninth overall.

7:15 p.m. - We're underway in the ECAC women's 3,000-meter steeplechase final, and it's stopped raining! After this race and the first section of the IC4A men's steeplechase, Jordan McDougal and Jarvis Jelen will be up in the second section.

Daniel Newell's section of the decathlon 400-meter dash will be interspersed somewhere in the evening's program, once everyone is finished high jumping inside. The first two sections of the decathlon 400 were already run.

They seem to be holding decathlon results under lock and key, and the advertised live results link has been inoperable all day. So, I'll do my best to wrap up day one of the decathlon as soon as possible. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you that the day one leader is Liberty's own Daniel Newell.

6:45 p.m. - Newell is unable to get over 1.90m today. His third attempt was his best, as he had the necessary height but clicked the bar on his way down. He will complete the first day with the 400-meter dash, 30 minutes after the rest of his high jump flight wraps up.

With 687 points in the high jump, Newell now has 2,923 points through four events.

I'll now head out to the track for the rest of the night. I'm told it's drying up out there. Should be good conditions for distance running this evening.

6:24 p.m. - Newell is still clean. He went over 1.87m, 6-1.5, easily. The next height up will be 1.90m, 6-2.75.

We're less than an hour away from the start of the men's steeplechase, which will include Jordan McDougal and Jarvis Jelen. Based upon the entry list, it promises to be the most competitive men's distance race tonight.

6:12 p.m. - Another height, another first-attempt clearance for Newell. This time the junior from Roanoke, Va., sails over 1.84m, 6-0.5, comfortably. His highest clearance of the year is 1.94m, 6-4.25.

6:05 p.m. - Newell enters the high jump at 1.81m, 5-11.25, and makes a comfortable, first-attempt clearance. He had nice height over the bar.

5:25 p.m. - Just moments from the start of the decathlon high jump, let me take this opportunity to fill in a few details about Daniel Newell's successful day.

His long jump was the fourth-best among the 25 decathletes. Alex Lewis of Harvard led the way, at 6.89 meters.

Newell was also fourth in the shot put. UConn's Joe Staub finished first. He threw 12.64 meters, good for 41-5.75.

Newell leads by 130 points entering the high jump, the fourth of 10 events. Here are the top five:

1) Daniel Newell, Liberty - 2,236
2) Alex Lewis, Harvard - 2,106
3) Kyle Rowbotham, UConn - 2,091
4) Joe Staub, UConn - 2,073
5) Aaron King, UConn - 2,068

The top two entrants, Max Westman and Kyle Calvo, both of Penn, have dropped out of the competition, leaving us with 23 remaining decathletes. The Quakers' departure also increases Newell's chances of becoming Liberty's 10th IC4A decathlon titlist in 17 years.

There is still a very long way to go, though, with the high jump, 400, 110 hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1,500 remaining over the next two days.

4:45 p.m. - Newell's 12.12m ends up as his best shot put effort, adding 614 points to his score. He has totaled 2,236 points through three events. If I can find out where that places him among the decathlon leaders, I'll let you know. On to the indoor high jump! 

4:30 p.m. - Thanks to Phil Leineweber, I have another quick update on the shot put. Newell's second throw set a new season best, 12.12m. That's good for 39-9.25. One attempt remaining.

4:25 p.m. - Newell has just thrown the shot put for the first time, and reached 11.60m, 38-0.75. He wanted to get a safe mark on the board with his first effort, due to the slippery ring. Now, the junior can use his final two attempts to improve. His best throw this season is 12.08m, equal to 39-7.75.

The rain has not been heavy for quite some time, but it has been persistent. Numerous distance runners are warming up around the premises, both indoors and out. The women's steeplechase is about two and a half hours away, which will open our evening of distance races. I'm still optimistic it will be dry by then. We'll see.

I'm still hanging out inside, and the decathletes will be joining me soon. They will high jump indoors, 30 minutes after the conclusion of the shot put.

3:45 p.m. - I finally have some official results to share with you, and they are very good for Newell.

First, his official 100-meter dash time was 10.95. I guess they were able to figure out automatic times after all. That equals his best time of the year, which he achieved at the Texas Relays, and was the fastest among the decathletes. It is worth 872 points. Second place was 11.24, by Tom FitzSimons of Mount St.Mary's. So, Newell led by 64 points after the first of 10 events.

Second, here is Newell's long jump series: FOUL-6.44m-6.73m. His 6.73-meter attempt set a new personal best and equates to 22-1. We do not have the full long jump results yet, but Newell should remain in first place, heading to the shot put. He scored 750 points in the long jump, boosting his overall score to 1,622.

Perhaps Liberty should start soaking the track and runways before Newell competes in the decathlon from now on. He seems to be thriving in these conditions this afternoon.

It's not every day you get to sit next to the Heisman Trophy, but I've taken up residence right next to the display of Richard W. Kazmaier's 1951 Heisman.

3:15 p.m. - Still no word on official times from the 100-meter dash, as the decathletes have begun long jumping. They have divided the decathletes into two groups and are utilizing both runways. One runway is puddle-free, while the other is pretty soggy. Newell is in the group with the wetter runway, but the soggy track did not appear to affect him in the 100-meter dash earlier.

They are not using performance boards to display the long jump results. So, I've decided to take refuge at the indoor track for a while. I'll be able to cover the high jump in here in a little bit and, if the radar is accurate, the rain should have pretty much subsided before the decathletes wrap up their opening day with the 400-meter dash.

Sorry I haven't had much to report yet today. I'm still hoping to provide splits for the distance races this evening.

2:28 p.m. - One hour, five minutes (and a fruitful trip to Hoagie Haven) later, we finally got started with the decathlon 100-meter dash. The camera system still wasn't working correctly, so they had to resort to hand-timing the sprinters.

Newell easily won his heat, by at least five meters. Coach Tolsma timed him in 10.70 seconds, which would be a very solid effort. Official times have not yet been released, as they prepare the track for the heptathlon 100-meter hurdles, which is now behind schedule as well.

The men will start preparing to long jump into a very soggy pit. Meanwhile, I'll eat my hoagie and await official results from the 100-meter dash.

1:15 p.m. - They are still trying to getting the camera system set up, so the start of the decathlon is being delayed, much to the chagrin of the 25 decathletes getting wetter by the minute and the handful of hearty fans shivering in the stands.

There will be a decent tailwind to assist the runners, but it may not be enough to outweigh the sogginess of the track. There is standing water in some places along the straightaway.

Daniel Newell is entered in lane 5 for the second heat. There is a big puddle about 15 meters in, covering lanes 4 and 5.

Updates may be a bit more intermittent than I'd hoped, as I'm fighting to keep my laptop dry in this press box-less (is that a word?) facility.

I'll let you know how the 100-meter dash ends up, once we finally get started.

12:35 p.m. – We are ready to go at the 132nd IC4A and 25th ECAC Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not being too cooperative. The temperature is hovering in the 50s, and a steady rain is soaking William Weaver Track & Field Stadium. This is surely not ideal weather for the decathletes, who are slated to get their 10-discipline competition underway at 1 p.m. However, the distance runners, who will take the track this evening, should not mind the cool, damp conditions.

I will be following the progress of the 19 Liberty men's athletes and the nine Lady Flames scheduled to compete this weekend. The No. 21-ranked men's squad is aiming for its second consecutive IC4A title, but figures to be challenged by Cornell, Georgetown and Virginia. So, I'll try to keep everyone updated on the team standings over the next three days.

Today will be pretty quiet for a while. Brandon Hoskins is the defending IC4A decathlon titlist, but has opted not to compete this year. He is ranked No. 3 nationally and has automatically qualified for the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships. So, the senior two-time All-American will focus on the pole vault and javelin this weekend.

As a result, Liberty's only multi-event athlete competing today will be junior Daniel Newell, who figures to be one of the top decathlon contenders. The Big South decathlon champion has posted a score of 6,962 this year, provisionally qualifying for the national meet. Penn also has a pair of strong entrants, Max Westman (7,327 points) and Kyle Calvo (7,192 points).

As previously mentioned, the gun will go off for the decathlon 100-meter dash at 1 p.m. The event will be followed by the long jump, shot put, high jump and 400-meter dash. I will aim to provide periodic updates of all five events this afternoon.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, the high jump will be moved next door, to Princeton's adjacent indoor track facility. This will give athletes, coaches and officials a welcome opportunity to warm up and dry out after the first three events. By NCAA rule, both the high jump and pole vault are eligible to be moved inside in the case of bad weather.

Action will pick up on the track this evening with all of the meet's distance events. Here is a list of Liberty's projected participants:

7:20 p.m. – IC4A 3,000-meter steeplechase: Jarvis Jelen and Jordan McDougal
8 p.m. – ECAC 10,000-meter run: Dacia Bushman and Carol Jefferson
8:45 p.m. – IC4A 5,000-meter run: Evans Kigen
9:15 p.m. – IC4A 10,000-meter run: Josh Edmonds, Josh McDougal and Jake Reed

I will attempt to keep track of splits and other general trends during each of the distance races, and plan to post this information at the conclusion of each race.

For now, though, I'll turn my attention to the decathlon. Go Flames!