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Liberty Marketing Survey a Great Success

May 12, 2008
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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Marketing survey is a great success.

Marketing survey is a great success.

Liberty Athletics has been running a Fan Demographics and Sponsorship Survey for the past two months, under the direction of research partner Rojo Research. The survey was conducted via e-mail blasts to alumni and friends in the market area, as well as a popular button offered on LibertyFlames.com.

With more than 750 completed submissions, the survey has been deemed a great success by the research company. Liberty's survey effort enjoyed the third-highest response count among all online surveys conducted by Rojo Research at the collegiate level. More than 250 Liberty Flames window clings were sent out to those who completed the survey and then responded to the e-mail offer at the end of the script.

"Liberty fans and alumni were extremely supportive of this enterprise," said John Herron, president of Rojo Research. "Such a strong sample size will ensure an accurate statistical analysis and allow Liberty to truly understand its audience."

The survey results show a strong cross section in the demographics of participants, including 65 percent of individuals who filled out the survey holding college and advanced degrees. There were 34 percent female respondents, providing a strong gender mix, while 42 percent of participants were working professionals and 21 percent were students.

The survey revealed that LibertyFlames.com is a popular destination for participants, as 78 percent visited Liberty's official athletics website during the last month; 24 percent of respondents log on daily. Liberty athletics on the radio was frequently utilized by participants, resulting in 70 percent of the respondents listening to a broadcast during the past year, including 22 percent who listened to 10 or more broadcasts. The brand new Flames Sports Network coaches' shows from Applebee's also received a considerable following in the survey. 31 percent of respondents listened to at least one show.

Brand recognition for Liberty's sponsors made a substantial impact on people who attend Flames athletics events. Chick-fil-A Wards Road, a major sponsor for Flames athletics during the past six years, led all sponsors with an 84 percent recognition rate from survey participants, who recognized the restaurant's partnership with Liberty University. Pepsi came in at 49 percent, while first-year sponsor Domino's Pizza (46 percent), Taco Bell (43 percent), Sonic (34 percent/first year) and Coleman-Adams Construction (30 percent) ranked among the top major sponsors recognized by participants in the survey.

"The amount of data contained within this survey is beyond any expectations that we had for this going into the partnership with Rojo Research," said Kevin Keys, Liberty's associate athletics director for external operations. "We have spent many hours working with the data during the past month, since the survey was completed, attempting to get our arms around the volume of information available to us and how to put it into the appropriate format to present to our sponsors.

"Those who have seen the numbers so far have been very impressed with how successful their sponsorship efforts with Liberty have proved to be and how the survey exhibits that. They already knew that numbers were up, but this helps them to see supporting documentation in a professional research presentation."