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Game On Feature: International Student-Athletes Christmas Traditions

December 25, 2014
|  Lynchburg, Va.
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The Liberty University Athletics Department is blessed to have student-athletes from all over the United States and 31 student-athletes from foreign countries.

These 30-plus international student-athletes hail from 19 different countries, with the most well represented foreign country being Canada (nine student-athletes). In total, the Liberty University student body is comprised of international students from more than 90 unique countries.

Recently, the Liberty Flames Sports Network had a chance to sit down with five of Liberty's student-athletes to talk about their native country's Christmas time traditions.

This Game On feature includes interviews with: Adam Eineving (Men's Golf/Sweden), Mathieu Fenasse (Men's Golf/France), Kenzie Friesen (Softball/Canada), Maria Khval (Women's Tennis/Belarus) and Belen Rivera (Women's Tennis/Bolivia).

Below is a complete list of Liberty's international student-athletes, who have traveled thousands of miles from their native countries to be a part of the Liberty University family:

Belarus (1)
• Maria Khval (Women's Tennis)
Bolivia (1)
• Belen Rivera (Women's Tennis)
Brazil (1)
• Andre Reimer (Men's Soccer)
Canada (9)
• David Andoh (Men's Basketball)
• Greg Barker (Men's Track & Field)
• Jeremie Bourget (Men's Track & Field)
• Cassidy Bremner (Field Hockey)
• Crystal Elmers (Women's Soccer)
• Kenzie Frieseon (Softball)
• Graham Hansel (Men's Cross Country/Track & Field)
• Rachel Morris (Volleyball)
• John Sherrett (Men's Track & Field)
Colombia (1)
• Jorge Azuero (Men's Tennis)
Denmark (1)
• Peter Moller (Men's Basketball)
England (1)
• Glodi Konga (Men's Soccer)
France (1)
• Mathieu Fenasse (Men's Golf)
Ghana (1)
• Ernest Siaw (Men's Soccer)
Germany (1)
• Max Sommer (Football)
Grand Cayman (1)
• Danielle Boothe (Women's Swimming & Diving)
Italy (1)
• Alex Mack (Women's Soccer)
Kenya (2)
• Titus Koech (Men's Cross Country/Track & Field)
• Stalline Kurgat (Men's Cross Country/Track & Field)
New Zealand (1)
• Sam Matheson (Men's Tennis)
Northern Ireland (3)
• Bethany Barr (Field Hockey)
• Natalie Barr (Field Hockey)
• Serena Barr (Field Hockey)
Poland (1)
• Tomasz Gielo (Men's Basketball)
South Africa (2)
• Egon Samaai (Men's Tennis)
• Constand Van Rooyen (Men's Track & Field)
Sweden (1)
• Adam Eineving (Men's Golf)
Zimbabwe (1)
• Sachem Wilson (Men's Soccer)