Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance (DCTA) FAQs

1.  How do I know which Tuition Assistance Program applies to me?

Standard Corporate Tuition Assistance involves the company paying Liberty University directly.  Any questions about the Standard Corporate Tuition Assistance program should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office by phone at 888-583-5704 or by email at including Attn: External Aid in the subject line. Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance involves the student paying the University directly, and the student receiving reimbursement from their employer.

2.  What is the Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance (DCTA) payment plan?

Liberty University will allow the student to defer payment until 30 days after the end of the semester in which the student is taking course(s). Liberty offers a payment plan requiring a 1% initial payment to be automatically drafted from a personal checking account or credit card provided by the student during Financial Check-In (FCI), with the remaining 99% payment being drafted approximately 30 days after the end of the semester via the same payment method.

Note: Any account balance not covered under an employer education assistance plan must be remitted by the published FCI deadline (approximately two weeks prior to the first term in which you are registered). Not all students who apply for tuition deferment will be accepted into the program.

3.  What if I only enroll in one sub-term? When is my payment due?

Regardless of enrollment, the payment due date remains 30 days after the end date of semester. The student is personally responsible for any financial obligations made to the university, regardless of employment status or the length of time it will take their employer to process their reimbursement.

4.  What if my employer has not reimbursed me in time to put the money in my account?

You are still responsible for ensuring the account has sufficient funds to cover the scheduled payment amount. Any questions and/or concerns regarding reimbursement should be directed to your employer. For questions regarding the scheduled draft, contact Student Accounts at (866) 783-0191 or for assistance.

5.  What if my grades do not satisfy the conditions set by my employer?

You are still responsible for payment of your account balance. Contact Student Accounts at (866) 783-0191 or for assistance.

6.  What if I drop some of my classes?

If you drop classes before they begin, you will be able to adjust your payment plan. Go back into FCI beginning with your “Summary of Account”, review the statement, and click “Accept and Continue”. The “Payment Plan Selection” page will show your currently scheduled payment and your adjusted payment amount based on the change in your schedule. Click “Accept and Continue”, agree to a new contract, and receive a new “Confirmation Page” reflecting the changes.

Note: For more information on dropping courses, please visit the Course Catalog.  

7.  What happens if I withdraw from a course?

Depending on your employer’s reimbursement program, your expenses may no longer be eligible for reimbursement. If your course(s) will no longer be covered by your employer, you are still responsible for payment of your account balance. For questions regarding payment plan options, Contact Student Accounts at (866) 783-0191 or for assistance.

8.  Am I eligible for Financial Aid in conjunction with this program?

As long as you meet enrollment requirements and satisfy the appropriate Financial Aid process, you may be eligible. For details of your particular situation, be sure to contact our Financial Aid Office

Note: If 100% of your account balance is covered by Financial Aid, an application for the Deferred Tuition Assistance Payment Plan will be denied. If you do not have an account balance to defer you are ineligible for our DCTA payment plan, and all tuition assistance reimbursement questions should be directed to your employer. 

9.  Do I need to apply for this every semester?

No, only once per calendar year.

10.  Can I use a book voucher when on this program?

Yes, ONLY if this expense is eligible for reimbursement in accordance with your employer’s tuition assistance policy.

11.  When should I submit my application?

Fill out the DCTAform each calendar year and submit the completed application prior to the term beginning or at time of registration. Applications and any other required documents received after stated application deadlines may result in your application not being processed in time for your course start dates. Additionally, failure to complete FCI by published deadlines may result in loss of registration and/or additional fees.

12.  What if my employer does not have a tuition assistance policy?

An example of acceptable statements include a written statement on letterhead, wet signed by an authorized company representative, verifying the student is employed and eligible.This statement must also include details of the tuition assistance program (e.g. reimbursement limits, what charges are eligible for reimbursement, reimbursement stipulations, etc.).