Learning More About Book Voucher Advances

Students using financial aid or payment plans can pay for course materials by requesting a book voucher advance for use at the Liberty University Campus Bookstore (residential students) and MBS Direct (online students).  To estimate your needed book voucher advance amount, contact the appropriate bookstore:

During the completion of Financial Check-In, you may enter the amount you need for a book voucher advance.  In order for your book voucher advance to be processed, you must continue on to fully complete Financial Check-In.  Once you have completed Financial Check-In, your request will be sent to the Liberty University Campus Bookstore (residential students) or MBS Direct (online students) and will become available in approximately 24-72 hours after submission.

  • Note: Book Voucher Advances are initially released approximately 30 days prior to the start of the term for residential students and approximately 40-45 days prior to the start of the sub-term for online students.
  • Book Voucher Advances cannot be issued to residential students for online courses or online students for residential courses.
  • For any questions regarding book voucher advances, residential students should contact their Student Accounts Representative or email studentaccounts@liberty.edu; online students should email luostudentaccounts@liberty.edu.

Book Voucher Advance Requests

If additional funds are needed for a book voucher advance, a student may request an increase of their current book voucher advance by recompleting Financial Check-In.

Please note that a student cannot decrease their current book voucher advance amount through Financial Check-In.  Any unused amount will be refunded back to the student's account at the end of the semester.

Military Students

All qualified military students and military spouses are given a Military Book Voucher.  This voucher is separate from any Book Voucher Advance a student may request through Financial Check-In. 

To view the qualifications, and the details of this benefit, please go to the Office of Military Affairs Military Book Voucher web page.