Property Protection and Risk Management

The University obtains insurance or self-insures against losses or damage to University property. Departments that suffer damages are encouraged to protect University owned property and to cooperate with Risk Management to promptly investigate, settle, and mitigate the extent of property claims.

Should you have a property loss visit Property Claims Management for steps to take. 

Personal Property of Faculty and Staff

University employees' personal property, whether used to perform assigned duties or not, is not covered by Liberty's insurance. It is your sole responsibility to maintain adequate property insurance.

Property Protection Tips

  1. Do not store expensive equipment in basements susceptible to seepage. 
  2. Keep equipment on pallets or store on shelves. 
  3. Cover computers, printers and other expensive equipment at the end of each day.
  4. Be sure to close all windows at the end of the day for security reasons.  This can also help to prevent the freezing of pipes in the winter, which can lead to serious water damage.


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Property Protection and Risk Management

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