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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Committee, Chairmen and Staff

Executive Committee

Mr. Mark DeMoss – Chairman
Mr. Neal A. Askew
Mr. J. Marion Compton
Mr. Jerry L. Falwell
Mr. Harvey Gainey
Mr. Carroll Hudson
Dr. Jerry Prevo
Dr. Ronald S. Godwin, LU Liaison
Mr. David Corry, General Counsel

Audit Committee

Mr. Jimmy Thomas, Sr. – Chairman
Mr. Dennis Farrell *
Mr. John Heath
Mr. Richard Osborne
Mr. Jeffrey S. Yager
Mr. Don Moon, LU Liaison

Investment Committee

Mr. Neal A. Askew – Chairman
Mr. Jerry L. Falwell
Dr. Ronald S. Godwin
Mr. Richard Martin *
Mr. Don Moon *
Mr. John J. Regan *
Mr. Joseph S. Steinberg *
Mr. Neal A. Askew, LU Liaison

Spiritual Mission Committee

Pastor Jonathan Falwell – Chairman
Dr. Don Crain
Dr. Allen McFarland
Dr. David Rhodenhizer
Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard
Dr. Jerry Thorpe
Mr. Jimmy Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Gilbert “Bud” Tinney, Jr.
Mr. David Nasser, LU Liaison

* Non-Board Member