Requisitions - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I just finished my requisition. What happens next?
    • The requestor should attach all pertinent documentation to an email sent to with the requisition number in the subject line.
    • The initiated requisition begins moving through the approval process. Normally, this will include several levels in your department and may go to other departments (for conditional approval) in certain circumstances. Once all approval levels have been completed and the system has verified that funds are available, the requisition goes to Procurement for buyer assignment.
      • If funds are not available the requisition will go to the NSF queue for review by Financial Planning & Budgeting.  For more information on NSF see How to Avoid NSF Errors.
    • The assigned buyer will retrieve the documentation from the procurement inbox and review the requisition and documentation for accuracy and policy compliance.
    • Once the review process is completed the PO will be generated and the order is placed.
  2. I have an emergency. I need my product immediately.
    • As stewards of the university’s resources, Procurement will not execute a purchase order without approvals and funding. The suggested course of action is as follows:
      • Double check the item detail and prices to be sure that everything is correct.
      • Verify that funding is available.
      • “Walk” the requisition through the approval chain.  Call or email all approvers asking for their immediate consideration.
      • When emailing the documentation to procurement add “Needed Immediately” after the requisition number in the subject line of the email.