Printing Charge Reimbursements


Though this process is written for student workers, it should be followed for regular employees that incur print charges.  Any questions should be directed to the Financial Planning and Budgeting Office.


Student Worker Printing Charges

Students who are employed by a department and incur network printing charges on their account may have their account credited for these charges.  Departments utilizing student workers and requiring them to print will need to plan for print charges to the budget and ensure timely reimbursements are processed to the students’ account. 

Planning for the expense:

  1. Ensure print budget is properly funded.
  2. Place a Banner requisition estimating the number of student workers and print charges for the year or semester.
    1. Vendor ID: L22845432, LU Student Accounts
    2. Commodity Code: SVPRINT
    3. Account Code: 712005
  3. Monitor requisition through purchase order assignment and maintain PO number.

Reimbursing the Student:

  1. Student worker should report printing charges.
    1. Obtain a printout of the work related charges from the Pharos Printing report on the MyLiberty Portal.
    2. Clearly mark/highlight all work related charges.
    3. Write your student ID number at the top of the report.
    4. Submit your report to your Supervisor.
  2. The Supervisor will submit a Request For Check (RFC) form.
    1. Supply the Requisition/PO number (obtained in step #2 in planning section) in the header section of the RFC.  If you do not yet have a requisition or purchase order number, the shaded portion of the RFC will also need to be completed.
    2. Vendor:  LU Student Accounts (L22845432)
    3. Place the student ID and name in the description field.
      • If multiple student workers need to be reimbursed, everything can be placed on one RFC, but a separate commodity line should be completed for each student.
    4. Enter the net reimbursement amount for the student in the amount field. 
    5. Enter your department’s appropriate FOAPAL elements, and the printing commodity and account codes (SVPRINT/712005)
    6. Attach copies of the Pharos Print Detail Report used to justify the request.
    7. Obtain the Budget Manager or Division Leader signature.
      • If the RFC does not have an associated PO number, the completed RFC should be forwarded to the Division Leader for approval and then to Financial Planning & Budgeting, 1605 Green Hall or email
      • If the RFC does have an associated PO, the completed RFC should be forwarded to Accounting, 1600 Green Hall or email, for processing. 


For questions regarding this procedure, please contact your specific Budget Analyst or Financial Planning & Budgeting at (434) 592-3333 or