Center for Academic Development (CAD)

CAD serves as a central location for professional development and the collection and dissemination of information relevant to the promotion of excellence in teaching and learning at Liberty University. They offer two internal grants that are only available to LU faculty. 



The purpose of this grant is to implement new pedagogical techniques, classroom activities, class trips, and/or purchase materials that foster learner-centered active learning experiences for students. In order to learn, students must do more than just listen: They must read, write, discuss, or be engaged in solving problems. In particular, students must engage in such higher-order thinking tasks as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Active learning engages students in two aspects – doing things and thinking about the things they are doing.

  • Applicant can be full- or part-time residential faculty members, as well as online faculty teaching on-campus intensives
  • Deadline: March 31st each year


Impact Grant

This grant is designed to encourage faculty growth, enhance student learning, and improve teaching practices by covering the expenses associated with attendance at a higher education teaching and learning or professional trade conference. Special consideration is given to attendance at conferences that support QEP initiatives of the development, design, and dissemination of collaborative research including curricular redesign, integration of technology into the classroom and collaborative and/or interdisciplinary teaching/learning opportunities.

  • Applicant must be residential adjunct faculty with at least one semester of teaching experience at Liberty University
  • Deadline: January 30th each year


Center for Research and Scholarship (CRS)

CRS coordinates and supports new and ongoing research initiatives for both faculty and students at Liberty University. CRS oversees the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), entitled "Illuminate: Cultivating a Community of Research and Scholarship," which focuses on improving research and scholarship among undergraduate residential students.


Faculty Professional Development Awards

Purpose: Supports professional development opportunities for faculty involved in teaching and/or mentoring undergraduate residential students in research and scholarship. These funds support hosting external speakers for on-campus workshops, purchase of online or print resources, enrollment in a university course, or travel to conferences, all related to developing an effective and well-informed undergraduate research program (see Section IX of the QEP).

  • Applicant should be a faculty member teaching residential undergraduate courses. (CLB Adjunct faculty teaching residential undergraduate courses are also eligible to apply)
  • Applicant should currently be involved in research mentorship or instruction


Research Intensive (R-I) Course Awards

Purpose: Students or faculty participating in Research-Intensive courses may apply for these awards. Faculty may apply for awards to support research projects embedded in an R-I course or emerging out of the course as a co-curricular project. R-I Course Awards administered by CRS will resource faculty for items including, but not limited to, compensation, supplies, travel, and other support services.

  • Applicant should be a faculty member teaching residential undergraduate courses
  • Applicant should currently be involved in research mentorship or instruction
  • Applicant should demonstrate in his/her application how the student(s) will be significant contributor(s) to this project