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Grant Writing Tips 

While our office does not offer grant writing services, we have found this information to be beneficial for anyone who is tackling writing a grant for the first time.

Grant Writing Tips
The Sections of a Grant Proposal
Letter of Intent (LOI) Writing Tips

Common Myths about Grants
Should I Write This Grant?

Proposal Thesaurus and Quick Tips

  • Do = implement, achieve, initiate, accomplish
  • Get = obtain, procure, establish
  • Make = design, create, develop 
  • NEVER use the words “could,” or “would.” Always use “will” and “can,” because you are sure that you will get the money and confident that you can do what you say you will
  • DON’T use jargon, unless you know that everyone reading your grant is in your field; use plain language
  • DON’T use too many acronyms. Reiterate the full name, with the acronym after it in parentheses if you haven’t used it in several pages, or if you’ve only used it once before


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External Resources

  • Grant Writing Articles: The Balance features many articles that focus on different aspects of grant writing
  • NIH Podcasts: National Institutes of Health staff discuss topics designed for investigators, students research administrators, and others
  • NCURA YouTube Tuesdays: the National Council of University Research Administrators share short videos on various grant topics