Missions Programs and Financial Aid

Liberty University supports the work of thousands of missionary families around the world who serve with a variety of evangelical mission sending agencies. One of the primary ways Liberty supports these families is by offering tuition assistance to the children of missionaries serving with Liberty approved mission agencies. 

Missionary Scholarship

The Missionary Kid Scholarship (MK Scholarship) is available exclusively for children of missionaries. College-age children enrolling at Liberty University may apply for the MK Scholarship if their parents are serving on a foreign mission field outside of the United States with a Liberty approved organization.

Under the MK Scholarship, Liberty will provide a full or partial tuition scholarship per academic year (less other federal, state, and Liberty institutional gift assistance; room, board and fees are not included) disbursed over the four consecutive years of a bachelor’s degree.

To be eligible, students must be U.S. citizens or legally adopted non-citizens and children of missionaries serving on a foreign mission field outside the United States through one of the Liberty approved organizations; apply for standard aid through the FAFSA and VTAG application as applicable; be new undergraduate resident students; begin first-time enrollment on or after the Spring 2015 semester; maintain full-time consecutive enrollment; and maintaining Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress. 

Award amounts are determined after considering the applicant’s academic merit, financial need, and essay response. The MK scholarship program awards a limited number of scholarships per year and is highly competitive

Evangelical mission sending organizations meeting the theological and financial accountability standards set forth by Liberty may apply to be part of this program by submitting an application. Organizational applications are evaluated and approved on a regular basis. Please email mkscholarship@liberty.edu to receive more information and a copy of the application.

Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship should connect with their agency to verify their sending agency is pre-qualified, or contact mkscholarship@liberty.edu to learn more about eligibility requirements.

To apply for this scholarship, students may complete the electronic application which is available in the Financial Aid Forms Library. Student scholarship applications should be received by February 28 for priority consideration for the fall semester.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MK Scholarship

Q1. How can a missions agency be approved for the MK Scholarship program? What is the process?

A1. A representative from the missions agency's leadership must complete the application on behalf of the entire agency. Once the application has been submitted, it will take three to six months for the board at Liberty to perform the evaluation and provide a response.

Q2. Does the MK Scholarship extend to families who previously served overseas with an MK Scholarship approved agency, but now serve in the home office or state-side and are still on support income? Does the MK Scholarship extend to families who work state-side for an approved missions agency, but supported by raised funding? Does the MK Scholarship extend to families who work state-side for an approved missions agency, but are paid directly by the agency?

A2. No. The MK Scholarship is designed for full-time missionaries who are in good-standing, serving on a foreign mission field (or on an approved furlough of one year or less) with an approved missions agency. The MK Scholarship is not extended to those working in the United States.

Q3. Does the MK Scholarship extend to missionary families who are not US citizens?

A3. No. The MK Scholarship requires the student to be a US citizen or "eligible non-citizen" as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Q4. How is the MK Scholarship award amount awarded each year?

A4. The MK Scholarship is a full or partial tuition scholarship for up to $20,000 per academic year (less other federal, state and Liberty institutional gift assistance; room, board and fees not included) disbursed over four consecutive years of a bachelor's degree.

Q5. Can students apply for the MK Scholarship in the Spring semester?

A5. No. The MK Scholarship is awarded annually to new Resident students who are incoming for the Fall semester. Students who have enrolled in previous semesters at Liberty through the Resident or Online program are not eligible for the MK Scholarship.

Q6. Are applicants required to send a letter confirming eligible missionary status?

A6. Yes. Applicants must submit an official signed letter from the eligible missions agency confirming the missionary status and field placement (or approved furlough of 1 year or less) by the priority deadline of February 28th before the freshman/first year. Applicants must also complete an application which also authorizes Liberty to confirm the missionary parent/s status directly with the mission agency in subsequent years.

Q7. Can applications be submitted after the February 28th Priority Deadline?

A7. Applications may still be submitted after the priority deadline, but should always work to meet the priority deadline.

Q8. Are MK Scholarship recipients required to live on campus?

A8. No

Q9. Are the MK Scholarship funds and New Student Book Dollars permitted to be awarded simultaneously?

A9. Yes

Q10. Are Permanent Resident Aliens eligible to apply for the MK Scholarship?

A10. Applicants must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Q11. Is there a specific age requirement to be considered a "dependent student"?

A11. Yes, a "dependent student" must be under 24 years of age according to the U.S. Department of Education. Other dependency status requirements can be reviewed here.

Q12. Are US citizens with dual-citizenship eligible to apply for the MK Scholarship?

A12. Yes

Q13. Is funding provided to an applicant through the missions agency counted against eligibility for the MK Scholarship?

A13. No

Q14. Could any outside or other financial aid impact the award amount for the MK Scholarship?

A14. Yes. The Financial Aid Office must consider all types of financial aid, including outside aid, when determining financial aid eligibility.

LU Serve International Loan Repayment Program

With the goal of getting more graduates to the field more quickly, Liberty University alumni will have the opportunity to participate in the LU Serve International Loan Repayment Program. This program will pay up to 20% per year of the balance of federal student loans (for up to $30,000 per individual) for those graduates who meet the program’s qualifications, which include at a minimum acceptance into an evangelical sending agency moving towards field placement for long-term service.  Payments will begin under this program once the alumnus is on the field.

Any Liberty University alumnus who intends on serving overseas is welcome to apply, but applicants are encouraged to use this opportunity to focus their service on an unreached/unengaged people group, the translation of the Bible in a language in which it has never been before, or service within the 10/40 window or among immigrant populations from the 10/40 window (the area between the 10th and 40th parallels, which represents the least Christian part of the world).

Students who were a Global Studies major or minor will be prioritized, and applicants should also demonstrate proactive engagement with a sending agency prior to graduation. 

Applicants are considered twice a year by LU Serve International before recommendations are made to the University’s Enrollment Management division for a compliance review and final approval.  The review requires that students not be delinquent or in default on any federal student loans.

Liberty University will then assist in coordinating the documentation of this benefit with each approved evangelical missions agency as each agency works with the missionary through the agency's regular candidate approval process.

If you would like to receive an application contact LU Serve International via email at LoanRepayment@Liberty.edu.

International Mission Board IMB Discount (LU Online)

Liberty University Online provides a tuition discount program for Liberty University graduates who are enrolled in the online Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) program and who have Journeyman status with the IMB.  This program provides 100% tuition to eligible students.  Students are responsible to pay for the $50 administrative fee.  For more details, please visit www.liberty.edu/scholarships.