Financial Aid SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)

Financial Aid SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) is the process used by the federal government to ensure students are successfully completing their academic program at a good pace.  This policy includes four standards that every student must meet in order to continue to receive federal aid.

Minimum Academic Standards:

1. Cumulative GPA: Students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement for their academic program.

2. Completion Rate: Students must complete at least 67% of their registered coursework.

3. Maximum Time Frame: Students must complete their degree before exceeding 150% attempted credit hours.

4: All Unearned Credits: Students enrolled half-time or more must earn at least one passing grade.

Students on Financial Aid Warning are still eligible for financial aid, but students on Financial Aid suspension are no longer eligible for most financial aid.  Students on Financial Aid Suspension can either continue their enrollment without financial aid OR submit an appeal. The full policy may be viewed here.

How to submit an appeal:

Step 1: Once you are notified of the Financial Aid SAP suspension, log into your ASIST account and navigate to the Financial Aid Forms link OR click here.

Step 2: Complete and submit the online Financial Aid SAP Appeal form.

Step 3: If any documents are requested when you complete the online Financial Aid SAP appeal form, be sure to immediately send copies of the documents to the Financial Aid Office by scanning and emailing them to or by faxing them to (434) 582-2053 (All documents needing signatures must be signed.  Your name and Liberty student ID number must be on each document).

A decision to approve or deny your appeal will be made by the Financial Aid Committee within one week of the receipt of your Financial Aid SAP appeal form and any required additional documents.  The decision will be communicated to you through your Liberty University email account.

Finding more academic help:

Please consider using the following resources if you are struggling academically: