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Withdrawals for Liberty University Online

Information Regarding Withdrawing from Liberty University Online

1. ACADEMIC ACTIVITY: After a course begins, if a student participates in the course through any kind of Academic Activity, the student will not be able to drop the course.  Academic Activity includes any of the following:

  • Submitting the Course Requirements Quiz
  • Posting to the course Discussion Board, including posting to the Course Community Center
  • Submitting an assignment, whether graded or ungraded
  • Emailing or contacting the professor regarding the course


  • Any time a student ceases active enrollment in a sub-term, it is considered to be a Total Withdrawal
  • If a student has active enrollment remaining, it is considered to be a Partial Withdrawal


  • If a student completes a total withdrawal and is registered for future courses in a later sub-term/semester, the student must submit a Letter of Intent in order to remain in the future courses
  • If the Letter of Intent is not submitted at the same time as the withdrawal, then the future courses will be dropped
  • The Letter of Intent must be sent by completing the Intent to Withdraw Form.  This form can be obtained by contacting an Academic Advisor.


  • Any time a student ceases active enrollment in a sub-term, it is considered to be a Total Withdrawal
  • Students completing a total withdrawal will be charged a $50 fee for ceasing enrollment and will lose their financial aid eligibility


  • A withdrawal does not affect the GPA, but will have a permanent W on the transcript
  • Loss of tuition and possible tuition rate change - please email the Student Accounts Office at for the calculation.

    Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • In order to use Financial Aid, you must maintain a 67% completion rate.  This means you must complete 67% of the credit hours you attempt
  • When a student withdraws from a course, he or she has attempted to earn 3 credit hours, but has earned 0.  Therefore, withdrawals negatively affect a student's completion rate and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Withdrawal fee - A total withdrawal carries a $50 processing fee

    R2T4 (Return of Title Four Financial Aid)
  • If a student completes a total withdrawal, the Financial Aid Office will complete a calculation to determine if some or all of the student's financial aid must be returned (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Student Loans, etc.).
  • If a student completes a total withdrawal prior to the loan disbursement, or if the student withdraws below half-time (6 credit hours is half-time for undergraduate and graduate, 3 credit hours is half-time for post-graduate and doctoral programs), then the loan disbursement will be canceled.

If you have immediate questions, please email or contact our office at (800) 424-9595.