The Liberty University Online Advantage Programs

Criteria for all Liberty Online Advantage Programs:

Students must meet all of the following criteria in order to qualify for any of the LUO Advantage Programs in addition to the specific requirements for the particular program. 

  • Student must be fully accepted into a degree-seeking Liberty University Online program
  • Liberty University Online Advantage recipient cannot break enrollment and must comply with the Broken Enrollment Policy
  • Complete an annual online form to verify the vocational/ministry status, as applicable
  • Discounts cannot exceed the cost of tuition
  • Discounts are applied as 15% off tuition only
  • Registration and Financial Check-In discount eligible students must meet the enrollment requirement as dictated by the rules for the specific promotion.

The Corporate and Affiliation Discount Program:

  • Must be vocationally employed by a university affiliated corporation or ministry
  • LUO Corporate Partnership/Event 15% discounts are not stackable with the military discount Spring 2017 and forward.
  • Required admittance of an annual online eligibility verification form to be completed by the student by July 1 annually
  • Discount will be rolled automatically from term to term for three consecutive terms and will expire if the student does not complete the subsequent year’s form by July 1 of each year
  • Find out more about how your company can become a corporate partner and receive 15% off tuition.

If you meet all of the above requirements find out which programs you qualify for below and complete the online Discount Verification Form. Additionally spouses of individuals who are vocationally employed by a university affiliated corporation or ministry may participate in this program and complete the online Spouse Discount Verification Form.