Financial Aid

Switching Between Liberty University Online and Resident

How does a student switch from Liberty University Online (LU Online) to the Resident Undergraduate program?

The student must first complete a Resident Transfer Application with a Resident Admissions Counselor. After completing the transfer application, the student is required to submit any other applicable enrollment documents. Additionally, the student must contact their LU Online Academic Advisor to be removed from any registered courses before the transfer will be considered final.

How does a student switch from the Resident program to LU Online?

The student needs to contact the Resident Student Advocate Office (SAO) at (434) 582-7200, or The SAO will be able to assist throughout the withdrawal process. The student must also contact an LU Online Enrollment Consultant for assistance with the LU Online application process ( and is required to confirm in writing that they understand that their intended Degree Completion Plan may be affected as a result of switching from their Resident program to LU Online.

In addition, if the student has lived in Liberty’s on-campus housing, they must ensure that they have made arrangements to remove their items from the room and return any keys to the housing office at the close of the semester. The housing office can be contacted at

Please Note: A student will only be considered either a Resident student or a LU Online student during a single term. Students already attending one program will be able to switch programs after the completion of their current term. Changing academic program will also affect financial aid eligibility. 

How does a change of program from LU Online to Resident or Resident to LU Online affect financial aid?

Caution: Financial aid programs and eligibility vary greatly between the LU Online and Residential programs.

a) LU Online to Resident: Adjusting financial aid may take up to four weeks from the date of acceptance. The student must submit a FAFSA for each year, if applicable, and complete all Resident admissions requirements, such as the $250 confirmation deposit.

b) Resident to LU Online: Adjusting financial aid can take up to four weeks from the date of acceptance. The student must submit a FAFSA for each aid year, if applicable, and complete all LU Online admissions requirements.