Outside Scholarships and other Sources of External Aid

Liberty University's Financial Aid Office processes several different forms of external aid for both Online and Residential students.  The Financial Aid Office does not approve or deny any form of external aid, but will process what has already been approved by a donor or funding entity.

For instructions on how to have your external aid added to your student account, please review and complete (if necessary) the External Aid Form for the applicable award year.

External Aid Form

Below are various forms of external funding processed at Liberty University:

Outside scholarships are recorded as an educational funding resource and count as financial aid. Some donors will require an application or information from the University for the award. They may also require that the aid pay only towards tuition, room and board, or any combination of charges. View this PDF for more information on how Outside Scholarships are processed.

Standard Corporate Tuition Assistance is when an employer pays Liberty University directly for classes during the semester. Students should contact their employer or their Human Resource department to receive approval for corporate tuition assistance. If approved, students will receive a signed “Letter of Credit” that needs to be sent to the Financial Aid Office for processing. Please visit your ASIST account for instructions on sending your documentation to the Financial Aid Office. An employer is expected to do the following:

  • Pay within 45 days of being invoiced – invoices are sent after the add/drop period of each subterm
  • Pay no matter the student’s final performance in the course
  • Specify if the funds are for tuition and/or fees

*If the employer pays the student directly, it is considered Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance.

529 and pre-paid educational plans are funds set aside by families meant to assist with the cost of college tuition and required fees. Once documentation has been received and funding has been confirmed, a temporary projection will be placed on the student's account for use in Financial Check-In.

Florida 529 and Virginia 529 submit a roster each semester for eligible students. Be sure to communicate with your provider to ensure the student is present on the roster.

AmeriCorps requires the student submit an award notification to the AmeriCorps online system. The award notification will automatically be sent to the Financial Aid Office and will then be projected on the student account for Financial Check-In. It should be noted that Liberty University only processes “Educational Awards for Educational Expenses” (and does not approve “Forbearance Requests”). For more information on AmeriCorps, please consult their website: http://www.americorps.gov/.

Vocational Rehabilitation may be available for students with a disability to assist in paying for school. Please contact your state/local agency to determine if you are eligible. Liberty University’s Financial Aid Office will complete Needs Analysis forms as needed; however, awards cannot be projected to a student’s account until an official authorization form is received from their respective counselor. Billings are mailed to state offices after the drop/add period, and the aid will show as paid in ASIST once payment is received.

Workforce (TAA/WIA programs) may be available for students who are displaced workers or unemployed. Students should contact their local One Stop office. Liberty’s Financial Aid Office will complete your Degree Program forms as needed; however, awards cannot be projected to a student’s account until a contract or authorization form has been received. Billings are mailed at the beginning of each semester, and the aid will show as paid in ASIST once payment is received.

Army and Air Force ROTC scholarships could be awarded to students who commit to serve in the armed forces. The Financial Aid Office will receive a contract for each student that is eligible and will have the aid show as a projection for tuition, fees, and class fees for the academic year in Financial Check-In and ASIST. For more information on Liberty’s ROTC program, please click here.

Contact Us

External Aid Contact Information:
Liberty University Financial Aid Office, MSC Box 710282
Attention: External Aid
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24515

Fax: (434) 582-2053
Email: financialaid@liberty.edu, Attention: External Aid

Send Payments to the Cashier’s Office:
Liberty University
P.O. Box 10425
Lynchburg, VA 24506

Outside Scholarship Processing Guidelines