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Policies & Procedures


Here is a list of Field Operations Division Policies & Procedures:

Painting & Decorating

Grounds Maintenance Guidelines

Grounds Maintenance Mission Statement

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  1).    Liberty University policy does not allow anyone to paint anything on Campus, except for Building Maintenance Personnel or approved licensed contractors.

  2).    A Work Order Request needs to submitted requesting the area to be painted. The Painting Supervisor will examine the area to see if painting is required. It will then be painted per Liberty University guidelines.  

  3).    If the Painting Supervisor indicates that painting is not needed, and the requestor still wants it painted, then Field Operations will give the requestor a quotation which can be used to submit a Requisition to pay for this painting by Field Operations. This is based on labor and materials.

  4).    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will painting & decorating be performed by anyone except Building Maintenance Personnel.



Grounds Maintenance Guidelines   Mission Statement