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Meet The Staff


James Davis



James first started at Liberty in 1982. He received a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Liberty University in 1989. Later, he worked in Field Operations in which he was mainly responsible for all glass and roof repairs and eventually started his own private business. James returned to complete his Master of Arts in Religion in 1996. Upon completion, James and his family became missionaries with ABWE serving in Brazil. In 2002, he returned to Liberty University and started a career change by taking a position in Access Control.  Recently he received the Chancellor’s Award for 15 years of service.

James oversees all types of university access. Typically this can be divided into 4 main areas:

  •  master-keying:  responsible for keys and cores
  •  locksmiths: repair and install door hardware
  •  access control technicians: install and maintain the RS2 system
  •  security specialists: maintain and monitor the RS2 system after installation.

Steve Brisson

Software Manager


Steve Brisson has been working with Liberty University Access Control Department since September of 2008. He is the lead security specialist and software manager for the Access Control department. His responsibilities include system integration, software management, and customer service.

Mr. Brisson completed his B.S degree in Sports Management in May of 2012 and carries certifications in RS2 technologies and HID.

He and his wife, Emily, currently live in the Lynchburg area with their daughter, Ellie and son, Jordan.


Brian Grinstead

Security Specialist





Curtis Gray

Security Specialist


As a Systems Specialist and Project Coordinator for Access Control, Curtis Gray is responsible for designing and implementing Liberty University’s long-term security system layout. He oversees both the programing and continued expansion of the RS2 system across campus. Curtis also maintains the various Intrusion systems currently installed at the University.


Mr. Gray holds a degree as professional Locksmith from Foley-Belsaw, is certified in both HID & RS2 technologies, and is currently enrolled at Liberty University for a degree in Business Management Information Systems.


Justin Spier

Security Specialist


Justin joined Access Control in December 2012. He works with the RS2 access control software; managing software and special projects. Justin is certified in RS2 technologies. He received his BS Degree in Specialized Ministry with an emphasis in sports in 2004. After a few years as a Carpenter and Worship Director in New York, he moved to Lynchburg and is working toward his MA Degree in Music and Worship.

Brennan Bush

Security Specialist



Brennan joined the Liberty University Access Control department in February of 2013. He is certified in RS2 technologies and works with RS2 access control software and hardware. Brennan is currently completing his Degree in Web Development at Liberty University.

Brennan and his wife, Jocelyn, currently live in the Lynchburg area and are expecting their first child in May of 2014.