Policies and Procedures

Access for a New Hire (Full/Part-time/Student)


If the employee is new to Liberty University, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. The department of the new hire must process all necessary information through Human Resources in order for a new employee to obtain a Flames Pass from Liberty University ID & Campus Services.
  2. Once the new hire receives an LU ID# the employee’s department liaison must submit a badge request to activate that employee’s interior / exterior access.


Employee Separation

It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor or human resources representative to collect all access devices (metal keys, Flames Pass) issued to an individual at the time of termination.

The department liaison will then:

  1. Consult with the Access Control office to ensure that all devices are accounted for prior to separation.
  2. The liaison is responsible for initiating an email to Access Control to terminate all access in the system.
  3. The liaison must surrender all collected access devices to Access Control within 24 hours of collection, to enable proper and timely verification.


Employee Transfer

If an employee is transferring to a new department within Liberty University campus, the following procedure must be applied:

  1. Employee’s current department liaison must submit a request to deactivate that employee’s interior/exterior access (key and electronic)
  2. Employee’s new department liaison (department contact) will submit a SharePoint request to activate the transferred employee’s access (key and electronic). Access Control must have the old keys returned and previous badge access deactivated before issuing the new key(s) and access.


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