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Higher One Acquisition Announcement

Higher One, Liberty University’s refund management provider, has been acquired by BankMobile Technologies. The website has been updated to reflect this change so users should be redirected if using a bookmarked website; the new website is www.bankmobilevibe.com. There is no action needed from current OneAccount holders and this transition should not affect usability or account features. Current account holders will continue to use their Higher One card until it expires and your account features will remain the same. Students who received a Higher One welcome packet and personal code in the mail will still be able to use their code to set up their refund preference at www.refundselection.com. There is no impact for students who have selected ACH direct deposit or paper check as their refund preference.


  • BankMobile offers reduced fees and the cost for a replacement card is now only $10.00.
  • The Allpoint ATM Network offers surcharge-free ATM access in 55,000 locations worldwide.
  • Mobile App check deposit, Passport rewards program, and money management tools for account holders.  



BankMobile is the Liberty University refund management provider that gives students the capability to select a refund preference in order to receive financial aid refunds released by the university. 

You Have Choices!

Funds are disbursed by BankMobile to the student based on their refund preference

  • Deposit to a Personal Account
  • Deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Account
  • Paper check

Every student is issued a personal code to the mailing address on file with the University upon completion of Financial Check-in.

*If you have an international address, a welcome packet will not be issued to you. Instead, refunds will be mailed directly from the university.

Set Up Your Refund Preference

When you receive your welcome packet in the mail, visit the BankMobile website and click the green Let's Get Started button. You will be prompted to enter the 12 digit alpha-numeric personal code and select your refund preference.

View the Refund Selection Tutorial for assistance. 

Change Your Refund Preference

You may update your refund preference at any time, but the changed refund preference will only apply to future refunds. To do this, log onto the BankMobile website, select the Refunds button, and click Refund Preferences.