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Higher One Card     

Higher One card


Higher One is the Liberty University banking partner that produces the Higher One Card, the tool used to disburse all financial refunds released by the university.

  • Funds are disbursed by Higher One to the student based on their refund preference:

-Deposit to Another Account: refunds are sent to an existing bank account. Money in two to three business days.

-Same Business Day Deposit to a OneAccount: Open the OneAccount, an FDIC-insured checking account with Higher One. Money deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by Liberty University to Higher One.

-No preference selected:  a check will be issued 21 days after refunds release

  • Request a check: contact Card Services


-call (434) 582-7771

-in person at 1957 Green Hall during business hours

  • If you have an international address, a Higher One Card will not be issued to you. Instead, refunds will be mailed directly from the university.

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News & Announcements

Liberty University understands that communications are being sent to certain OneAccount holders who opened accounts from July 1, 2006 through August 2, 2012 about the settlement of a group of claims.  We understand further information is being made available at and class members who have questions should contact the third party claims administrator online or by phone at 1-877-310-4642.  Please look to this website and the claims administrator for any further information.  Liberty University has no additional information to offer at this time. 

  • OneAccount Monthly Service Fee

    The OneAccount has no monthly service fee for students. Otherwise, the fee is $3.95. Be sure to self identify as a student by updating your enrollment status under the Profile Tab of your online account.
  • OneRewards

    OneRewards is your Higher One checking account's free cash back rewards program. Learn more at

Contact Info

Use the EasyHelp function of your OneAccount
1-866-545-8663 (Monday - Friday 8:00 - 8:00 EST)
ACH forms: 1-866-754-6216
Identity Verification:

ACH Transfer Forms
Higher One Inc.
P.O. Box 9830
New Haven, CT 06536

Deposit Slips
Higher One Inc.
P.O. Box 9830
New Haven, CT 06536