Charter & Rental Services

Accidents, breakdowns, and questions call: Tim Spencer at 434-592-7032 or Ted Sweet at 434-582-2833

Key pickup will be in the transit office located at 3405 Candlers Mountain Road between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 8:00 am to 11:00 pm on Saturday and Sundays.  If your trip leaves before 6:00 am or returns after 11:00 pm you must request an additional day to either pick up or drop off. 

At no time during the trip will someone other than the approved driver be allowed to drive the vehicle.

All groups using their own driver are responsible for returning the mini bus or car with a full tank of fuel, clean on the inside and the trash can emptied.  All windows must be rolled up and slid shut.

Once charter returns your reservation form with a trip number and quoted price you will have 7 days to obtain the PO from purchasing.  If there is no PO after 7 days the vehicle will be released back into the fleet for rental.

Below are the equipment prices.   Fuel calculations will be made using google maps and adding 75 miles to each trip. 

Car Rental Services

 Transit is very sorry to inform you the procedures now for  a car or mini van rental. You will need to go through Egencia or call directly to  Enterprise and rent these vehicles. Thank you very much and God Bless. 


Equipment Prices

  • 52 Passenger motor coach
    • Daily Rental: $800.00
    • Mileage: $1.00 a mile total miles
  • 32 Passenger travel bus
    • Daily Rental: $500.00
    • Mileage: $1.00 a mile total miles
  •  Local bus
    • Daily Rental: $75.00
    • This is for trips or events within the Liberty campus or city of Lynchburg
  • 14 Passenger Mini bus
    • Daily Rental: $100.00
    • Mileage: .75 a mile total miles
  • University Trailer
    • Daily Rental: $20.00
    • Mileage: No Mileage Charge



Trip requests must be made at least 7 days in advance.  Cancellations must be made prior to 3 calendar days before the trip is scheduled to take place.  Cancellations called in after the 3 calendar day requirement will be charged the complete cost of the trip. 

Drivers will not be allowed to drive more than 10 hours, or be on the clock more than 15 hours in a single day.  This includes departmental driver reserving the mini buses as well, per DOT and FMCSA rules on hours of service.  Before a driver gets back behind the wheel, they must be off the clock for at least 8 continuous hours.

It is the responsibility of the group to make hotel arrangements for the driver on overnight trips.  The driver must have their own room (NO EXCEPTIONS).  They are responsible for the safety of everyone on the trip and this rule must be followed.