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2017 / 2018 Bus Routes

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  • Route 70 Express:
  • Service between Green Hall and DeMoss Hall
  • Route 71 Main Campus:
  • Green Hall, Williams Stadium, DeMoss, Residential Commons, South Campus Drive Southbound, South Campus Drive, South Campus Drive Northbound, Reber-Thomas Dinning Hall/Parking Garage, Cook Tennis Center, Green Hall
  • Route 72 East Campus:
  • Green Hall, David's Place, East Athletic Fields, East Over Flow, East Satellite, Liberty Mountain Drive, East Campus Drive, Liberty God Parent Home, LaHaye Ice Center.
  • Route 73 Residential Annex  Freshman Parking  :
  • Annex I , Green Hall
  • Route 75 Liberty Mountain
  • The Vue, LUCOM, Snow Flex, Candler Station, LCA, Green Hall.
  • Route 76 Aviation
  • DeMoss, Aviation Academic Building, Hanger.
  • Route 84 Freshman Parking / Fort Hill
  • Green Hall, Fort Hill Village, Green Hall.
  • Route 85 Freshman Parking Askew Lot 
  • Green Hall, DeMoss, Askew Lot.
  • Route 86  River Ridge CFAW
  • River Ridge,Green Hall, DeMoss
  • Route 90 Cornerstone:
  • Rotunda, Cornerstone, Green Hall
  • Route 91 Apartments:
  • Old Mill, Forest Brook, Walden Pond, Park Place, Green Hall.


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