Carpool Program

The carpool program is a practical way that the Liberty University community can improve transportation for everyone! Even if just a small group of Liberty students and employees carpool, the benefits to Liberty and the surrounding community are incredible. The program is pretty easy – if any combination of student or employee gives up one vehicle that would have otherwise taken up the space for someone else, you qualify! The carpool program addresses many reasons why sharing a vehicle to get to work or school.

What you get:

  1. Access to park in the reserved carpool parking spaces in Fincher, Speakman, Religion Hall, and DeMoss parking lots as well as Zone 4 overflow parking Lot.  If no Carpool spaces are available then Carpool may park in any zone 1, 2, 3, or 4 regular space.
  2. One hangtag to park on campus that can only be used on one of the vehicles in the carpool group.
  3. Each vehicle registered to the carpool program receives a Nights and Weekends permit. This permit allows the vehicle to be on campus after 4 PM on weekdays, weekends, finals week, and other days when the fall/spring semester classes are not in session.
  4. Each person will receive two exception passes per semester to use at their own discretion. With this pass they can only park in Zone 4.  These passes are documented when issued and participants will not be able to receive extra passes beyond what was originally issued.  In the event an exception pass is lost or stolen, a $20.00 per pass replacement and processing fee will be charged.

How can I participate?

There must be two or more students or employees registered to form a carpool group.

A Carpool group consists of two or more participants and each participant must own a vehicle that would normally be on campus.

All carpool participants must be present to receive decals, and the Carpool Application must be completed in its entirety.

When a carpool group is formed where all participants agree to carpool together and only use one of the vehicles that is registered in the carpool group that has been formed.

Student or employee needs to find students or employees that would normally bring a vehicle on campus and has a similar schedule or timing that will work for all participants to be on campus at the same time using only one vehicle which would save more spaces for more students to be able to park on campus.

Each group will have a carpool leader; this carpool leader the one that will be paying for the carpool pass. If the Carpool Leader is a student, the fee will be assessed on the student account. If an employee, the fee will be assessed through a one-time payroll deduction.

After everything is completed participants will receive a nights and weekends permit, two exception passes a semester and the leader will receive the decal hangtag.

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