Student Leadership Positions

Resident Director


Resident Directors (RD) are Student Affairs staff members who live on campus in residence hall apartments with their primary focus being to oversee the ministry and discipleship of the residence halls under their responsibility. This ministry and discipleship includes the carrying out of discipline, the oversight of the facilities, and the supervision of academic, social, physical and spiritual well being of the students on the hall.  They insure that the missions of Liberty University and the Office of Student Leadership are carried out through their personal impact on the student leaders of their halls.


Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RA) are student leaders chosen to lead each residence hall. They provide leadership for the residence hall in discipline, discipleship, and care of the facilities on that hall.


Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coaches (SLC) help administrate the spiritual programs that will lead to the spiritual development of the students on their hall. The SLCs take a primary role with Prayer Leaders to minister, mentor, and equip them for their ministry.


Prayer and Life Group Leader


Prayer and Life Group Leaders (PLGL) are small group leaders that are responsible for a group of 5 students (called a Prayer Group) from their residence hall. The PL makes the commitment to love every member of their group, to pray for every member of their group by name daily, to pray with every member of their group weekly, and to give every member of their group the opportunity to be personally discipled.


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